Fiasco Captured: NY Post Sums Up The First Democratic Debates With One Solid Headline

Posted: Jun 29, 2019 5:00 AM

It was a two-part debate that perfectly captured the far left lurch the Democratic Party has taken in five brief years. It was madness. We’ve gone from we cannot allow hordes of migrants flood out borders and not know who they are or where they came from to support for decriminalizing illegal border crossings. And yes, Barack Obama said the former during the 2008 election. Also, in 2008, abortion was something Democrats wanted to be safe, legal, and rare. Now, they want it to be unrestricted and taxpayer-funded. They want abortions all the way up virtually to the point of birth. It’s hideous. They want a 70 percent tax rate for the rich, they want to confiscate guns, they want to destroy private health insurance, and they want open borders.

The 20+ Democrats in this clown car also bashed cops, whines about so-called global warming, Donald Trump, the Republicans, and Russians. Sanders isn’t for court packing, but he thinks we can rotate judges on the Supreme Court, whatever that means. Is it taking a judge from the Ninth Circuit and sending down someone who they don’t like? What is this professional baseball? 

Oh, and a large swath of these clowns want to give illegal aliens health insurance benefits. It’s a total crazytown. It was really a massive in-kind contribution to the Donald Trump 2020 campaign. All it did was show Democrats are a) full-blown socialists, b) out of touch, c) insane, and d) once again giving the middle finger to Independent, moderate, and blue-collar voters. The whole circus was a free stuff buffet; free college, free health care—and plans on how to pay for it. No real plans to pay for the trillions of dollars that all of this will cost. We’re going to foot this huge bill, even for those who came here illegally? This will not sit well with independent voters. 

One thing is for sure. As of now, there is not a single Democrat who can beat Trump. Not one. Not even Joe Biden, who got taken to the woodshed by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) over his past remarks over busing and working with segregationist senators, who proved herself that she’s feisty, she has energy, and she could rise to the top. The bloodsports have only just begun. Still, an agenda that’s this left-wing caused one audience member approached TheWashington Post’s Rachael Bade to say that they’re not sure that they’re Democrats anymore. I mean there was an anti-vaxxer, Marianne Williamson, who was on the top tier stage this week. 

The New York Post summed up the debate with one headline: “who wants to lose the election?” 

Yeah, with an agenda of baby killing, open borders, tax hikes, police bashing, destroying American health care, and gun confiscation—Democrats have a real winner there, said by no one serious. 

We should always remain vigilant, of course, but last night should give us a huge boost of confidence that Trump will be re-elected. 

Keep America Great.