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AP Photo/John Locher

Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) dropped the atom bomb of hot takes about illegal immigration. Guys, we’re running full-blown concentration camps. In other news, the Obama administration did the exact same thing, though his immigration policy wasn’t nearly as aggressive obviously. Yet, Barry did use two former Japanese internment camps to detain illegals. This isn’t new. This level of stupidity from Democrats is something worth noting, with hordes of these liberal cretins having their minds broken by the 2016 election. They’re still frothing at the mouth and are pushing for President Trump’s impeachment solely because he beat Hillary Clinton. It’s insanity, as is this trash remark. Now, Ocasio-Cortez isn’t backing down. She doesn’t need to, given her congressional district; calling Republicans Nazis increases your likelihood of re-election in the cesspool of deep blue New York. She was saying that this remark wasn’t in reference to the Nazi concentration camps/death camps (they’re interchangeable in that regard), but what the experts describe “as ‘the mass detention of civilians without trial.’” 


Yeah, she tried to play Webster. She’s still an idiot for referencing such a charged and, in this case, inaccurate term. There were concentration camps that housed white South Africans during the Second Boer War in the early 20thcentury. The British built them, part of their brutal counter-insurgency operation—but Nazi Germany and the Holocaust is what you think about when the word “concentration camp” is brought up. AOC knows this. Anyone with a grasp of history knows this. Heck, even CNN’s Erin Burnett knew what that term references in her interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is another far-left candidate vying for the Democratic nomination and ally of AOC. Sanders was quick to run away, saying he didn’t use that word when slamming the president’s reported operation to deport illegal aliens en masse in the coming days or weeks.


We do have a deportation force, folks—and we’re going to throw these people who arrived illegally the hell out of our country. We may not have a wall, but we do have a federal immigration enforcement apparatus that is reportedly going to start these deportations.

Sanders is appalled that we’re enforcing the law, which is what he pivoted to when asked about AOC’s idiotic remarks. When a Soviet-lite politician runs away from you because you peddled some trash talking point about concentration camps concerning our border crisis, that’s pretty much a red flag that you misspoke. Then again, a Soviet-lite candidate being averse to that word is sort of ironic given Stalin’s Gulag network. 

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