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AP Photo/John Raoux

Okay, we all know the Trump-Russia collusion myth is trash. It was peddled for years without any solid evidence. All we had was that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of die-hard Democrats was looking into it. And then, the entire institutional Left got punched in the mouth. There was no collusion or conspiracy. It was all a hoax. The Trump dossier that was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, the source of this circus, was debunked. The Clinton campaign and the Democrats funded that effort. Still, the Democrats need to double-down on it. They have to; there’s no other choice. They invested too much and their base would go ballistic if they abandoned their grand plan to impeach Trump. So, they keep their heads in la-la land. 


For most, they still think some collusion occurred. For others, they’re waiting in line to hitch a ride on the connecting Democratic impeachment train to obstruction junction. It’s still a total garbage talking point, buoyed by hot air from former Obama officials and liberals on CNN, though it’s not nearly as insane as the one peddled by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA)

Swally is a unique fixture of the Trump-Russia collusion nonsense. First, he thinks nothing was debunked in the Trump dossier, which is patently false. The Mueller report shredded that entire opposition research file. He’s pro-impeachment, but also thinks that there are sealed indictments waiting against Trump. 

“I think it’s very likely that President Trump has sealed indictments waiting for him, based on testimony that I’ve heard,” he said to The New York Times

This is insane, folks. There is no evidence to any of this. It’s been peddled before—and nothing has come of it because…it’s all fruit loops, kids. 


Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept aptly noted that this whole collusion delusion has truly broken the minds of many liberals. And for Swalwell, that’s very much the case. Oh, and he has no shot of winning the nomination or the presidency. This, plus the collusion delusion and the fact that he hails from the cesspool of California, Swalwell can peddle total nonsense with little to no consequence…other than continuing to make the Democratic Party look totally unhinged.

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