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Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

It’s no secret. I don’t mind HBO’s Bill Maher, host of Real Time. He’s liberal. He’s said some pretty rough things about Republicans, got into hot water for dropping the n-word, and is everything that comes to mind when you think about the Hollywood Left. At the same time, he’s spot on when it comes to radical Islam and political correctness. And yes, he’s ripped liberals for catering to both on his show. I don’t find him to be insufferable or grating as Ocasio-Cortez, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, or others. He does invite conservatives on his show, like Dana Loesch and Ben Shapiro. It’s a hostile environment for conservatives for sure, but Maher has in the past kicked 9/11 truthers out of the audience, shouted at them to not “boo” his guests, and defends free speech


Yet, on CNN, Maher also dug up something that’s been lost in the Trump-Russia hysteria: Hillary Clinton obstructed justice. Oh yes, he brought up that story about various Clinton electronic devices that were destroyed with hammers when her email server was under the spotlight for possibly being infiltrated by foreign actors. The server she used for all official business while serving as our secretary of state under Obama; the server that wasn’t approved or authorized by the State Department, despite her words to the contrary

Then again, while Maher admits this, he says what Trump did was much worse. The allegation that Trump obstructed justice during the Russia investigation in which no crime was ever committed. Also, Trump was completely exonerated of the collusion charges, a liberal media myth peddled for two years. Yes, Maher thinks Trump is a traitor and colluded with the Russians prior to the Muller report nuking that narrative and everything associated with the so-called Trump dossier, the political opposition research document compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele that turned out to be complete and total garbage.

Again, you can’t win them all. Maher is a liberal, folks. You knew he was probably going to toss in some anti-Trump talking points in his interview with Chris Cuomo. And at least he’s one to admit when their side has gone off the deep-end. So, just tolerate this ‘Hillary was bad, but Trump was worse’ bit for a second. You should be used to this by now (via The Hill):


Comedian Bill Maher went after President Trump and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday night, saying both “committed obstruction of justice” but Trump did so “in much worse fashion.”

Maher told CNN host Chris Cuomo “there’s a lot of reasons why the Democrats lost,” with many of them surrounding Clinton being “a terrible candidate.”

“She committed obstruction of justice” by “smashing up phones and hard drives,” Maher said, adding, “Now, Trump did, I think, in much worse fashion.

Maher also said that political correctness is a cancer to the Democratic Party and to progressivism. Yes sir, that’s also true. Trashing Clinton and political correctness, with a predictable ‘but Trump’ moment. Typical, but maybe Maher is one of the few honest liberals out there. I don’t know, but I’m sure dredging up the destroyed Blackberrys didn’t sit well with some, folks. But hey, this was all Hillary’s doing. Her inability to get out of her own way during this email fiasco is totally her fault. Also,it’s documented that Hillary obstructed justice by destroying those devices. Trump’s obstruction hysteria from the Left is only supported by angry, former Obama officials and other liberals still throwing tantrums over the 2016 election. Belief is not evidence. It never will be. 


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