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AP Photo/Richard Drew

So, once again, we have another Democrat who tried to paint himself as a moderate coming off as a total nut. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but the media likes to push these folks as evidence that the party isn’t left wing. That there is some moderate wing that can and will listen to the Trump coalition concerns and that of rural Americans. There’s one problem: they’re Democrats. they’re almost all from urban areas, they hate rural Americans, and even if they tried, the progressive liberal base would never let them moderate. You must adhere to an ethos that would make Lenin blush. Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) is one of those people. He’s running for president. He was against Pelosi for speaker and he said that his party is out of touch. And then, this happened; he succumbed to election trutherism at a CNN town hall (via RCP):



REP. SETH MOULTON (D-MA): How are you?

FERNANDEZ: I'm fantastic. How are you?

MOULTON: I'm good, thanks.

FERNANDEZ: Excellent. All right, I'm done.


What is your plan to lead the dismantling of systemic racism in this country to drive justice for marginalized groups, especially for black and first-nations people? And if you could please, please frame this beyond criminal justice reform.

MOULTON: We have a problem with racism in America today. If this country wasn't racist, Stacey Abrams would be governor because people of color are being systemically denied the most basic right in a democracy, which is the right to vote. 

This is straight liberal Kool-Aid. Why hasn’t it caught on? Well, maybe that’s because support for voter ID laws is through the roof across the board. Maybe it’s because this isn’t the Reconstruction era. There is nothing suppressive about showing an ID in order to vote. Second, what is it with people forgetting that Georgia is a red state? Abrams is a Democrat—and she lost. The Atlanta area is not big enough to flip the state. Sorry, liberals, you’re wrong. Georgia didn’t flip in 2016 and it didn’t flip in ’18. Abrams lost by over 50,000 votes. She lost. L.O.S.T.—lost. Her loss has broken her mind and the minds of other Democrats who think that she lost because of so-called voter suppression nonsense.  That’s not grounded in reality. This is just an ongoing tantrum from a sore loser. It’s to the point where they feel that they don’t even need to concede elections anymore. Her reasoning mirrors that of Mouton’s shoddy logic: “We don't have to concede elections anymore, because when we concede, we are condoning systems that are used to oppress us.”


No, lady—you’re just a loser. And Moulton has to know the oddity of trying to play this game because we all know how Bostonians opened black students with open arms in their school districts during the busing…oh wait; there was racism displayed like never before, and violence too. Vicious racism captured in an iconic photo of a white Bostonian trying to beat a black man with a flagpole carrying the American flag. It’s as if these politicians above the Mason-Dixon line and in the cities seem to think this stuff never happens in their own backyard. It does. Tucker Carlson dissected Moulton’s remarks and took him to the woodshed in the process:

 Moulton explained that Georgia didn't elect Stacey Abrams governor not because she wouldn't be a good governor, but because, you sir, are a bigot.

"We have a problem with racism in American today," he said. "If this country wasn't racist, Stacey Abrams would be governor. People of color are being systemically denied the most basic right in the democracy, which is the right to vote."

Moulton went to Andover and Harvard, unlike you. So he must be unbelievably impressive, probably a verified genius and a good person, too. And yet, somehow Moulton didn't bother to muster a single piece of evidence to show any of his claims were true. Because actually, they're not true, because it's not 1953 anymore. They can't let you know that, though.

For Moulton's purposes -- purposes of control -- it has got to be Jim Crow Alabama at all times, now and forever. Burning crosses and the sound of night riders in the distance. That will keep you terrified and easier to manipulate. That is the whole point.

Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne to bring the South to heel. But the modern Democratic Party doesn't need the military; instead, they've got big business to make the population obey.


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