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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

We’re back. It’s episode 82. And Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) had a tantrum because former White House Counsel Don McGahn decided to wipe his rear end with the subpoena that was issued to him. It’s part of the Trump White House’s legal strategy of slapping away these worthless subpoenas because we all know these aren’t oversight investigations. They’re impeachment hearings. They’re aimed at trying to get the president over anything, something. 


The progressive Left is desperate. Russian collusion is now a dead horse, shot in the head by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. His report was rather definitive. There was no collusion. House Democrats even read that part aloud when they read the entire 450+ page report in an epic self-own. Nadler was adamant that his subpoenas aren’t optional. The Trump administration is saying, “bring it on.” This isn’t the only subpoena that was rejected by the Trump administration. 


The long-standing battle over his tax returns is another front in this war with Democrats. An Obama-appointed judge, who also donated to the former president’s campaign, ruled in the House Democrats’ favor, stating that the accounting firm listed has to turn over those records. There will be a challenge, of course. In the meantime, there will be yet another hearing where McGahn will probably be a no-show and Jerry can throw another tantrum again.

We forgot to mention this, but the Trump immigration plan is out. It’s revamped and has a snowball’s chance in hell in passing this punchy Congress. It once again prioritizes immigration for those with high-skills, which Democrats think is racist, though Japan, Canada, and Australia have similar systems. Folks, we’re full. It’s time to start telling people to go home. Chain migration is over, as is the visa lottery system. There is no wall, which remains a problem. This is a foundation for a 2020 issue ad. We need to retake the House to give these revisions a chance at becoming actual policy.

Storm noted that there’s been a liberal shift in the programming at Fox New on the weekends, which could be a sign that we're in the post-Roger Ailes era. Rupert Murdoch’s sons are running the show—and they’re not conservatives. He’ll walk you through it folks, but let’s just say that Chris Wallace should find guests who aren’t liberals or former Obama officials. This is Fox News after all. 


And alas, we come to Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), one of the few libertarians in Congress, who recently declared that Trump could be impeached, which is rich given that police state tactics were used against the president and some of his staff during the 2016 election. Also, there could be a China connection. Yep, trade is causing tension between the U.S. and China and it would seem that the Michigan congressman has some investments that could get squeezed. Sofia Carbone at Human Events has the story

In 2010 the Michigan Live website detailed how Amash and his family were ostensibly profiting from the creation of tools in China which were then sold by the Amash family business in Michigan.

The impeachment impresario’s 2017 Financial Disclosure Report details the congressman reported between $100,001 and $1,000,000 in income from a company called Michigan Industrial Tools, which in turn is owned by Dynamic Source International, based in China. Dynamic Source International manufactures products overseas and sells them in the United States via Michigan Industrial Tools (MIT).

With the tensions between the United States and China rising in recent weeks amidst talks of trade deals and tariffs, the Amash family could take a financial hit.


Across the pond, Nigel Farage is still the anti-Christ to the pro-European Union wing, being assaulted with a milkshake recently. In Australia, the conservative coalition scored a shocking upset win, despite trailing in the polls. And the Swiss were forced to kowtow to European gun control laws, which is unfortunate.

In other news, Pete Buttigieg (EDGE EDGE), mayor of South Bend and 2020 Democratic candidate, has declared war on Thomas Jefferson because…that’s what woke liberal men do: trash American history. They are the party that hates America, so par for the course.

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