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This Is Why AG Barr Has No Problems With Trump Calling Russia Investigation A Witch Hunt

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Attorney General William Barr sat down with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer for a brief interview in El Salvador. The attorney general is part of a packed event discussing anti-gang activities. Last night, the preview of the interview was aired, showing that Barr is going to investigate the investigators concerning the Trump-Russia collusion nonsense because we need to know that the government was doing in 2016. Barr aptly noted that if we’re worried about foreign influence in elections, we should be equally concerned about government officials abusing their power and possibly tipping the scales during the 2016 election. He did not say that’s what happened, but he noted that he has more questions than answers after starting to review the origins of this investigation and added that the explanations he’s received “don’t hang together.”


So, was this whole investigation a witch-hunt? It looks that way. President Trump was totally exonerated of collusion with the Kremlin. It took two years, but the media, the Democrats, and anti-Trump Republicans ate crap on this one. Anyone who wasn’t a moron knew there was nothing to this story. After two years, none of the so-called bombshell stories about this myth has any solid evidence. It was 24-36 hours of liberal hysteria and then nothing…because there was nothing. 

Barr also has zero problems with President Trump describing this investigation as a witch-hunt (via ABC News):

When asked about the president's use of the term "witch hunt," he said he was comfortable with it.

"Because at the time he was saying he was innocent and that he was being falsely accused. And if you're falsely accused, you would think that something was a witch hunt. I have to say when you step back and look at this, two-and-a-half years of his administration -- three years of the Trump campaign and first part of his administration -- he has been hammered for something -- for allegedly conspiring with the Russians. We now know that was simply false," Barr said.

"I use what words I use and it was an investigation. But I think if I had been falsely accused, I would be comfortable saying it was a witch hunt."

Oh, and what about the charge that Barr lied to Congress? Well, the AG finds a lot of humor in that as well. Barr issued a summary of the report prior to releasing it, albeit with some portions redacted. Robert Mueller issued a letter saying he felt the substance of the investigation was not being reported accurately in the news media. When asked if Barr’s four-page memo was inaccurate, Mueller said that it wasn’t, once again bringing about another wave of liberal media nonsense:


Barr also called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's charge he lied under oath to Congress and committed a crime 'laughable.'

"I think it's a laughable charge and I think it's largely being made to try to discredit me partly because they may be concerned about the outcome of a review of what happened during the election. But obviously, you can look at the face of my testimony and see on its face there is nothing inaccurate about it," Barr said.

He said that he was ready to be the new target for Democrats. "I thought I was in a position where this kind of criticism really wouldn't bother me very much."

Barr called the contempt charge recommendation passed by the Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee "part of the circus."

"It's part of the usual political circus that's being played out. It doesn't surprise me," he said, adding he doesn't feel threatened.

Barr also said he was surprised that Robert Mueller didn't come to conclusion on whether President Trump committed obstruction of justice.

In short, Barr is going to do his job and he’s not letting outside event influence his investigation of the investigators. He also dusted off former AG Eric Holder’s criticism that he’s acting like the president’s personal attorney; with Barr adding that Holder actually fits that description when he was running the DOJ into deeper political waters that culminated with the DOJ issuing a spy warrant against a Trump official, Carter Page, based reportedly off a piece of biased political propaganda—the Trump dossier. 


Oh, and it’s not just Trump who thinks the Trump-Russia investigation was a witch-hunt. A lot of voters thought it was politically motivated...remember? And that’s based on CNN polling.

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