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Reports: CNN Might Be Hit With Massive Layoffs. Are You Shocked? Did You See Their Story About The Royal Baby?

AP Photo/Ric Feld

CNN’s ratings were trash in April. The Mueller report popped the Russian collusion rating bubble. The document was unequivocal in declaring that there was no Trump-Russia collusion. None. A lot of us knew this from the get-go. A lot of us already knew there was zero evidence to support this Democrat-Media complex myth. And now, there’s vindication. Once again the liberal media ate it. Trump won. And when the Left loses, the country wins. Normal people win (via The Hill):


CNN's prime-time ratings dropped a whopping 26 percent in April compared to last year, according to Nielsen Media Research.

MSNBC's ratings were down 14 percent in April 2019 compared to April 2018, while Fox News's ratings overall were flat.

The sharp decrease for CNN marked its lowest-rated month in total viewers since October 2015.

In the 25- to 54-year-old demographic that advertisers covet most, it was the network's least-watched month since Aug. 2015.

I say this because there are reports that CNN is about to be struck with impending layoffs. They could be massive. This all occurred when it was reported that some 100 people at the network took buyouts. Did they see the writing on the wall before Hurricane Discharge makes landfall? Of course, CNN is doing spin that no layoffs are coming, but aren’t buyouts the usual sign of massive cuts coming down the road (via Washington Examiner):

CNN says roughly 100 employees have accepted voluntary buyouts a month after an overhaul by parent company AT&T.

According to Deadline, AT&T's decision to offer buyouts, similar to those offered at HBO and the remnants of Turner, was in an effort to chip away at approximately $170 billion in outstanding debt, which AT&T agreed to take on as a result of their acquisition of Time Warner announced in 2016. In March, AT&T restructured the majority of their TV assets under the umbrella of WarnerMedia, including CNN.

The news came after what CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter said was a "rumor" about layoffs.


WarnerMedia and CNN claim there have been no layoffs and the only exits from the company have been through the buyout process, although it is unclear if the program has a threshold of participants to prevent layoffs.


But besides the garbage ratings, what else could be causing CNN to continually be the brunt of jokes that were famously delivered by Jon Stewart of The Daily Show (yes, these segments trashing CNN were always amazing). Maybe it could be their piece wonder how black Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son will be (via Newsweek):

CNN was ridiculed Monday over a widely shared sub headline asking "How black will the royal baby be?" in an analysis piece about rejecting dangerous mixed-race "myths" after the Duchess of Sussex gave birth to a boy this past week.

Political figures, late night writers and even former CNN employees dragged the cable news network's online piece about racial issues surrounding the birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's child. The author, CNN enterprise writer/producer John Blake, pushed back against the concept of another "Great Mixed-Race Hope," pointing to several sensational and racially insensitive articles across the globe describing the birth as the "first Afro-American baby born into the royal family."

The Monday thought piece sought to raise awareness about "commentators who are reinforcing these stereotypes" who are "totally unaware of the damage." But ironically, this assertion prompted other commentators to lash out at CNN with their own accusations of racial unawareness.


Well, the good news is that Jim Acosta will probably say or do something even dumber to wash this trip-up away. 

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