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Last Hurrah: Social Justice Warrior Vegan Restaurant That Charged Men More Is Closing

AP Photo/Andreea Alexandru

There is nuance upon nuance when it comes to the wage gap. It’s one of the top issues for those on the political left. And some people have decided to incorporate that philosophy into their business models. The wage gap is a debate for another time, but for one restaurant in Australia that charged men 18 percent more, they’re shutting down. As Ashe Schow wrote in The Daily Wire, the Handsome Her in Melbourne will be closing its doors at the end of the month, but it’s unclear if they’re doing so because of this policy:


Handsome Her, a vegan café in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, will close its doors on April 28, writing on Facebook that the two women responsible for running the business “are off to our next adventure up north where we will be doing some hands-on work, something we have missed sorely whilst being at 206 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.”

There is no indication that the restaurant is closing as a result of charging men more than women – a policy that was implemented back when the restaurant opened and only applied one week a month.


The wage gap in Australia, as in the United States, comes not from discrimination (though that’s not to say discrimination never happens) but from the different choices men and women make in their careers. Women tend to go into lower-paying fields or positions that offer more flexibility – leading to fewer hours worked. Women also tend to leave the workforce to have children. The “wage” gap does not compare the actual earnings of men and women working the exact same job, but the average earnings of men and women across all jobs and industries.

Yet activists, like those at the Handsome Her café, use the difference in average earnings to claim women are not treated equally in society, or are undervalued.

In announcing the café’s closing, owners also announced a “last hurrah” to be held on April 28.


On a side note, I wouldn’t be surprised if this contributed to this café’s closure. Granted, there other factors that lead to the closure of resultants, politics not really being high on the list. Still, it doesn’t negate the fact that political correctness is a cancer. 

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