There Is Something That Doesn't Fit The Liberal Narrative In New MAGA Hat Assault Story

Posted: Apr 16, 2019 3:10 PM
There Is Something That Doesn't Fit The Liberal Narrative In New MAGA Hat Assault Story

Source: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Well, let’s hope swift justice is delivered after this incident of politically motivated violence in Maryland. Two men were arrested for assaulting a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. It’s becoming a typical liberal reaction. These folks are still angered, sour, and frustrated that Donald Trump is president…and Hillary Clinton is not. Still, I don’t recall many incidents of Bush/Cheney supporters being openly attacked for having differing views from the unhinged Left. Here’s what happened (via WaPo):

On Saturday, a man wearing a red MAGA hat was approached by two men in the 18000 block of Cottage Garden Drive in Germantown, Montgomery County police said in a statement. Police said the man was harassed and asked why he was wearing the hat

The two men then struck the victim until he fell and told him to take his hat off, before taking his property and destroying it, the statement said. It did not specify what was taken.


Jovan Crawford, 27, of Germantown and Scott Duncan Roberson, 25, of the District were arrested and charged with robbery, assault and related crimes, police said.

And here’s NBC Washington’s report

Montgomery County police said 27-year-old Jovan Crawford and 25-year-old Scott Duncan Roberson went up to the victim in the area of Cottage Garden Drive on Saturday and started harassing him.

When they asked him why he was wearing the MAGA hat, the victim told the suspects he was entitled to his own views and kept walking away from them, according to police.

Okay, what’s being left out is that the victim is a legal immigrant from Togo. Whether intentional or not, I’ll let y’all debate that, it’s just another example of how the Left’s narrative about the Trump coalition is wrong. People of color can and do support President Trump. They will do so again in 2020. Trump did better with black voters than Romney and I think he’ll do better with this bloc next year. The Daily Caller has more:

A legal citizen from Togo was reportedly attacked in Maryland for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat on Saturday, as police have taken two suspects into custody.

The man, who lives in Germantown, MD, was reportedly attacked in his neighborhood by two men because he was wearing the hat, in support of President Donald Trump. He was reportedly hit in the head and upper body, as the two suspects tried to steal his hat from him, according to ABC7.


The men are reportedly facing 10 or more years in prison.

Oh, and of course, this isn't the first time.