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It's Not Tucker Carlson Vs. The Left-Wing. It's Freedom Vs. Tyranny

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We’re back folks and with our favorite special guest Katie Pavlich. It was a packed show, where we covered everything from Pelosi backing away from impeachment to R. Kelly — no, just kidding.


First, let’s start with Nancy Pelosi totally caving on impeachment, but did she? House Democrats are already more or less continuing their charge for impeachment with the various so-called accountability and transparency hearings they’re having, which make no mistake are impeachment hearings.

Some have said that Pelosi is just playing it safe, noting that impeachment gets the left-wing base energized and keeps the war chest filled. At the same time, the numbers for impeachment are lackluster, it will certainly mobilize the GOP base around Trump and down ticket candidates, and cause moderate and independent voters to flee for safety, as the Democratic case for impeaching the president would be as weak as the New York Giants’ offensive line (it killed me to write that). 

Given how Pelosi has lost control of her caucus, the complete botching of the anti-Semitism resolution as a prime example, I don’t think this is going to be viewed as a definitive position by some of the more left-wing members of the House Democratic caucus.    

While Hill Democrats grapple with that, their minions for the trash unit Media Matters are coming after Tucker Carlson, despite declaring victory in their war over Fox News years ago. I don’t know what they’re talking about; Fox’s ratings have been solid and their primetime lineup is one of the best, especially when it comes to torching liberal narratives. Perhaps that’s why a legion of these liberal losers decided to weaponize clips from Tucker’s appearances on a shock jock’s radio show to kill his career.


They are clips of his appearances spliced together, the shows are sometimes months apart, and there’s no context. But does there have to be? It’s a shock jock show that was once on Howard Stern’s station on Sirius radio, now Sirius XM. Who cares? And it’s not like this is about virtue and morality, as Katie noted. It’s about power. It’s about destroying elements which will be in the way of consolidating that power, and it’s about the Left destroying people because they have differing views. 

Many of the progressives who are shocked by Tucker’s salty language have produced, written, and peddled similar material if not worse. It’s fine. I like raunchy comedies as well, but don’t for a second think that I’m going to fall for this ‘think of the children,' this is reprehensible, faux outrage that’s erupted over these appearances. Tucker, to his credit, has not apologized—and that’s the first rule for any conservative in a similar bind: never cave to the left-wing outage mob.

At our southern border, we could see nearly a million apprehensions this year, the highest since 2006. Last month, border control authorities apprehended 76,000. The crisis has become so extensive that Border Patrol had to use $45 million in their operations budget, a budget meant for enforcing border security, to give health care to migrants in their custody. That money isn’t supposed to be used for that, but it was. It was the right decision and it flies in the face of the Democratic Party’s hysteria over the border situation, where they view ICE and Border Patrol as a de facto Gestapo. These are brave men and women who are keeping us safe. Sorry, the Democrats can once again go to hell on this issue.


For some more fun, please read Young America's Foundation’s annual report on college campus insanity and decide if the $50k tuition is worth studying…white people or interrogating masculinities. Talk about left-wing trash, folks. We ended with a discussion about the 2020 field, the Biden factor, and whether the lady who was mauled by a jaguar in a selfie attempt is a total moron.

We also discussed how Venezuela is falling apart and I stand corrected. The eight-year-old who died due to lack of medical supplies was not diagnosed with diabetes. It was non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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