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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

At SXSW, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) once again went on the attack, saying that Ronald Reagan was a racist who pitted white working class Americans against those of similar economic standing in communities of color. Guy gutted that remark in just one tweet. President Reagan won 49/50 states, 60 percent of the popular vote including 46 percent of the lowest income class, and 58 percent of the second lowest. Let her talk about policy, folks. Just let her talk. Ocasio-Cortez also said America was trash


I wish I could say this is just sour grapes over Hillary Clinton losing, but something tells me that not even the now- two-time presidential loser would satisfy this far left-wing slice of the Democratic Party, who find capitalism abhorrent and America a wasteland of terrible, terrible people. I don’t know why AOC is like this. She’s a bartender who became a congresswoman, who could if she stays long enough, accrue a nice pension and already has great benefits for being a member of Congress. Only in “garbage” America could this happen. But let’s move away from her nutty remarks. Is America trash?


Well, the folks in Missouri City, Texas spit in the face of that hypothesis. The local community rallied around a local business, whose grand opening was rather lackluster, leaving the owner a bit melancholy. 

Billy’s Donuts looked like it was going to be a short-lived venture until the owner’s son tweeted that his father was sad at the lack of customers at their opening. The tweet went viral, and now the store has sold out of its inventory. This all occurred over the course of last weekend (via Click2Houston):

By shared some pictures on Twitter of his dad in an empty shop and an empty parking lot. The tweet generated more than 254,000 likes and 147,000 retweets. Some responded to the message, calling on others to come visit the store. 

When KPRC swung by Sunday morning, the store was slammed with customers buying sweets, soda and other items. 

By later shared that the store had completely sold out of doughnuts and kolaches.


This is America. It’s stories like this that sort of give me hope that maybe we can co-exist at a time when liberal America is waging nonstop war against those who don’t dwell in cities or along the Acela Corridor. A time when liberal America mocks and hilariously thinks red state voters are envious of the hyper-politically correct, uber-left-wing meccas the progressives have established in this country. It’s the United States that increasingly becomes a state of Swiss cheese with their antics. 

For now, we can feel good that a local community rallied around local business and gave it a much-needed boost. Celebrities, like James Woods, even joined the charge to make Billy’s Donuts a success. Americans helped each other over donuts, folks, not some organic, free trade vegan nonsense, which would cost an arm and a leg. It was donuts. Maybe America is trash…in the blue areas. That’s their problem.


In Missouri City, Texas, I think America is looking pretty good, with residents helping each other out with simple tasks, like buying a donut from Billy. You see, AOC, good things do happen when you leave the socialist confines of New York City. You’ll find there are good, hard-working, normal people. And some might know how to code…I don’t know. So, enjoy a donut…unless you’re a culinary terrorist we call vegans.

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