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What The Hell? Liberal Fact-Checker Snopes Analyzed A Jussie Smollett Article On A Satire Site

Is Snopes serious right now? They fact-checked…a satire site. Yeah, apparently it was a slow day. With the Jussie Smollett story dominating the news cycle, and all of it not feeding into the liberal narrative that Trump and his supporters are evil, the site decided to analyze the Babylon Bee, who hilariously said that CNN offered Smollett as a contributor job for his ability to fabricate news “out of thin air.” [emphasis mine]


On 18 February 2019, the Babylon Bee website added their own fictional twist to this story when they published an article reporting that Smollett had been offered a job at the CNN.

The network, according to the Babylon Bee, was reportedly impressed with Smollett’s ability to fabricate a story out of thin air:

This was not a genuine news story, although some readers mistook it for such. The Babylon Bee is a satirical website whose disclaimer notes that “The Babylon Bee is Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.”

So, what was the point of this? This isn’t a fact-check. This is just straight trash. Also, who cited the Babylon Bee in a serious news report? I doubt this post was causing trouble in the reporting of the Smollett fiasco. As it turned out, it was all a hoax. Smollett orchestrated his own hate crime, he was formally charged with filing a false police report from the alleged January 29 incident, and it was two Nigerian brothers who he reportedly paid to execute the attack. They even held rehearsals and video footage showed them buying supplies used in the hoax. And this was all because Smollett was unhappy with his salary on the show “Empire.” There’s no way to spin that to help liberals, Snopes. 


(H/T Kemberlee Kaye)

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