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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

With Amazon nixing a plan to build a headquarters in New York City, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) celebrated a victory for white voters in her district. Yes, people of color wanted Amazon to come to the Big Apple. It would have created 25,000 at a minimum salary of $150,000. Yeah, real slave labor, but progressives just had to fight corporate America, which they do daily…on their Apple devices. 


Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) was not too happy with Ocasio-Cortez’s celebrations, aptly noting that cheering job destruction is just straight-up idiocy. But hey, we’re talking about a woman, who thinks cow farts are a problem. A congresswoman who wants to move away from fossil fuels in a decade and upgrade every building in the country to make them energy efficient. It’s insanity. It’s not serious. And some within the media, like MSNBC whose sole purpose is to keep liberal blood pressures low, even admits that AOC’s economic illiteracy is going to give Trump a second term (via Free Beacon):

Maloney, who has been representing the 12th Congressional District since 2013, appeared on CNN's "OutFront" to discuss Amazon's decision to cancel its plan to build a headquarters in Long Island City, Queens, which is part of her district. Host Erin Burnett read Ocasio-Cortez's tweet celebrating the decision and asked if she shared her sentiment.

"My constituents want jobs," Maloney said.

"This was 25,000 jobs," said Burnett, prompting Maloney to say this was a "minimum" amount of jobs.

"It would have been many, many more; 25,00 jobs at $150,000 minimum for the job," Maloney said. "There were promises for a new school, and as a former teacher, I was intrigued with their plans to have a curriculum in 30 different schools supported by Amazon on high tech. We should be really diversifying our base of taxes, our base of businesses. We are too dependent on financial services."

"It used to be that we would protest wars. Now we are protesting jobs? People are complaining about jobs coming to your [city] … If this had gone through, it would have made overnight New York City the high-tech capital of the east coast, the most important job center for tech jobs."


Also, AOC somehow thinks Amazon has “dehumanizing” working condition. Well, they just invited her to tour their facilities (via Fox News):

Amazon has fired back against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s claims about the company’s poor working conditions, inviting the firebrand congresswoman to tour the facilities and see it “for yourself.”

Amazon’s David Clark, senior vice president of worldwide operations, made the invitation on Twitter after Ocasio-Cortez accused the e-commerce giant of creating “dehumanizing conditions” for its employees. 


But Clark shot back, claiming that such allegations “aren’t true” and invited the congresswoman to the visit the company to get a sense how the employees are treated.

“.@aoc these claims simply aren’t true. We are proud of our jobs with excellent pay ($15 min), benefits from day 1, & lots of other benefits like our Career Choice pre-paid educational programs.  Why don’t you come take a tour & see for yourself...we’d love to have you!,” he tweeted.

Listen, AOC is just being a good socialist. Ensuring that people don’t have job opportunities because then we can all suffer equally. I think it’s called the Venezuelan model.


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