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He mulled doing the moonwalk during a press conference but was stopped by his wife. He referred to slaves as indentured servants. Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has been beaten bloody given how many times he stepped on a rake this month. After making horrific remarks about a proposed Democratic bill that would have permitted abortion virtually up until the moment of birth, Northam was revealed to have a racist photo on the page of his 1984 yearbook during his days at Eastern Virginia Medical School. It featured two people; one wearing blackface while the other was in full Klan garb. Northam admitted to being in the photo, though he didn’t specify which character he was in the picture, and apologized. Then, he retracted his apology, said he wasn’t in the photo, but admitted to wearing blackface as part of a dance competition where he dressed as Michael Jackson. The fallout led to state Attorney General Mark Herring admitting to wearing blackface. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax has been slapped with two allegations of sexual assault. The entire Virginia Democratic Party imploded in less than a week. So, let that be a lesson; this is what happens when you elect Democrats. 


Northam has been a grade-A moron in the ensuing days as well. First, he’s not resigning. He can’t. If he goes, then Fairfax has to go, along with Herring. That means the GOP would reclaim the governor’s mansion. So, he’s not leaving. Then again, this whole shift in agenda to highlight race and equality is an absurd ruse. Northam says he’s the man to fix the state because—you guessed it—there’s no one better than a medical doctor who can mend the wounds. The problem is that the doctor is a drooling vegetable. He’s not viable. He should be made comfortable and extracted from the state government, but here we are. Alas, in the wake of this fiasco, Northam made a good decision for once, though it’s totally meaningless with regards to cleaning up this blackface mess; he postponed the Black History Month reception (via WMAL):

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s administration has postponed a reception to celebrate Black History Month as the governor continues to deal with the fallout from a racist yearbook photo.

Northam spokeswoman Ofirah Yheskel said the reception has been moved from Wednesday to later this month. She said the administration is thinking through better ways to honor Black History Month. Black leaders said Monday that they would stage a large protest outside the reception.


Virginia Democrats have had a banner start concerning that celebration. 

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