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Northam's Former College Roommate Reveals Governor's Halloween Costume, But Misses One Thing

Well, there’s one person offering cover for embattled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. The Democratic governor has been stacking sandbags all weekend, resisting calls to resign after a racist photo on his yearbook page was revealed. It shows two men in racist attire. One is wearing blackface while the other is in a full-blown Ku Klux Klan outfit. To make matters worse, Northam admitted to being in the photo on Friday night in an official statement, which did not specify which character he was in the picture. 


Yet, his old college roommate has come forward to say that Northam went as a lawyer to this Halloween party, where this controversial photo was supposedly taken. Northam went as a lawyer and he’s pretty sure that isn’t him in the photo either. NBC 12 Richmond has the story [emphasis mine]:

I’m proud to have been his roommate,” said Rob Marsh, the man who says he was Governor Ralph Northam’s medical school roommate.

Marsh, the co-chairman of the social committee that sponsored the Halloween party, is speaking out for the first time on the controversial racist images that have many calling for Northam’s resignation.

“I was truly stunned. One, I didn’t recognize that picture, I didn’t know anyone in it and didn’t know where or when it was taken,” said Marsh.


“I was at the Halloween party the governor went to and I know what he was wearing exactly,” Marsh explained.

Marsh said Northam’s costume was supposed to be that of an attorney.


He says he truly believes it is not Northam in the photo.

“No, I don’t think it’s him. I don’t think it looks like him. Ralph is thinner than the people in the picture,” he said.


Marsh explained that the photo was “out of character” for Northam.

“I think it has really hurt him because I’ve never noticed him to be prejudice before,” said Marsh.


Here’s the thing, this whole “out of character” line blows up, all thanks to Gov. Northam’s own words: he did dress in blackface. He dressed as Michael Jackson for a dance contest in San Antonio. You just cannot spin this. It’s one thing if Northam never engaged in any activity the Left would deem problematic. It’s another to say, ‘that’s not me doing blackface in my yearbook photo, but I did it for a dance contest in Texas.’


You just cannot make this stuff up. It’s just a fiasco. 

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