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WaPo’s Super Bowl Ad Once Again Shows That The Liberal News Media Is Anti-Trump And Totally Tone-Deaf

Super Bowl 53 was boring. On Facebook, NFL Memes described it perfectly; it was a $7,000 Maroon 5 concert with a punt kicking competition. It was miserable. Tom Brady won his sixth ring. The New England Patriots are arguably the best NFL dynasties of all-time. That’s all good. I can still sleep soundly knowing that The New York Giants and Eli Manning beat Tom Brady…twice. But we’re not here to discuss football. It was the ad by The Washington Post that ran during the event, which served as a fresh reminder that the media is liberal, biased, tone-deaf, and thin-skinned. President Donald Trump rips the liberal news media pervasively. It’s refreshing. An institution that is geared to fight Republicans and their supporters finally have a man who is willing to deliver haymakers to this snobby, condescending slice of America.

They view themselves as firefighters or akin to the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy. Why because “knowing keeps us free” and “knowing helps us decide.” Remember, “Democracy dies in darkness.” It was your typical ‘thank God, for me’ advertisement that was tone-deaf and heavily insinuated that we’re all idiots…until The Washington Post reports on something. The Post has done some good work, like cleaning up after CNN who totally botched the Trump-Russia story that the then-candidate, Trump, Jr., and other officials were emailed an access key by a donor that unlocked a trove of documents from John Podesta and the DNC obtained by Wikileaks. This was in December of 2017, and the collusion drums got going. And then, it turned out to be a dud, the email was sent a day after the documents were made public, so it was, as many of these stories are, a nothing burger. And then, there are the times when they run absolutely atrocious articles, like offering cover to Virginia Democrat Kathy Tran, who tried to push a bill that would have legalized abortion virtually up to the moment of birth. But hey, she has nursed her kid on the State House floor, so that makes it okay, right?

The serial failure that the news media has in covering this White House is the reason why the fake news slam hasn’t gone away, lost its potency, or has been rendered useless because all to often the anti-Trump liberal news media makes mistakes that justify the criticism. From not being able to accurately report Trump feeding koi fish to Donald Trump supposedly instructing his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress
about a real estate deal in Russia, all were proven to be fake news. His trip to China wasn’t covered accurately. The left-wing rage media pushed fake news to destroy a group of students from Covington Catholic High School who were at the March for Life. Trump-Russia has been a very easy trap for the liberal media to fall into scene 2016. There are a lot of bad examples of media malpractice, but then-ABC News reporter Brian Ross’ Michael Flynn story has to be ranked as one of the worst. In December of 2017, Ross reported that then-candidate Trump ordered Flynn to make contact with the Russians. Flynn would be Trump’s short-served national security adviser. In reality, it was President-elect Trump who instructed Flynn to make contact with the Russians as part of your typical diplomatic groundwork operation for a new incoming administration. This was all done after the 2016 election. It was another nothing burger, but the damage tanked the markets when Ross went to air with this shoddy information.

So, Washington Post and liberal media establishment, please lecture us about how what you guys do informs us and keeps us free when in reality, you’re anti-Trump bias has blinded you to the point where straight fake news trash easily makes it to air or print. The cost of this ad was $5 million. Oh, and they included Jamal Khashoggi, who was no Walter Cronkite, though the media made him into something of a heroic figure because they don’t like Trump and they will use anything, even a person with anti-Semitic views, to attack him. 

We know the game. We know the bull when we see it. And you people still suck. You certainly are guardians, news media. You’re guardians to keeping liberal America’s blood pressure at healthy levels. We all know this, so take this ad and shove it. 

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