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AP Photo/Steve Helber

What the hell is going on in Richmond? We have state legislators pushing straight-up infanticide bills. Yes, it was rejected since Republicans control the House of Delegates, albeit by a very slim two-seat majority, but this pro-baby killing bill will probably be rehashed if Democrats have a good November; all 100 state House seats are up this year. The bill would have permitted abortions up to nine months based on just one doctor’s recommendation. Yes, late-term abortions are rare. Yes, they’re heinous. Yes, they’re deeply unpopular. And no, they’re not done mostly due to fetal abnormalities or because the health of the mother is at risk; pro-choice organizations even admit that.

House Delegate Kathy Tran proposed the bill and is now receiving death threats. Not defending that at all, but The Washington Post’s coverage of this event has been total garbage, a classic example of the Democrat-media complex that the late Andrew Breitbart expounded and warned us about.  

Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, a medical doctor, further stepped in it on a radio interview this week:

When asked if he supported the bill, Gov. Northam argued that decisions by physicians can be made to allow an infant to die even after birth.

“If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen,” he said. “The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Northam was rightfully torched for this statement. It’s murder, man! But “conservatives pounce”…against infanticide. Yes, Washington Post, politicians supporting infanticide should get fierce backlash. And now, The Post is trying to give Tran cover because she nurses her baby on the state House floor?


Via WaPo:

Virginia Del. Kathy Tran said Thursday that she “misspoke” during a legislative hearing earlier this week about a bill that would have loosened restrictions on late-term abortions.


“I wish that I was quicker on my feet and I wish that I was able to be more agile in that moment,” Tran, 41, a first-term Democrat from Fairfax County, said Thursday in a telephone interview. “And I misspoke, and I really regret that.”

When she was asked by a Republican lawmaker during the hearing whether the bill would allow for an abortion to occur when a woman is in labor and about to give birth, Tran said yes.


Tran said she and her family have received death threats through telephone messages, email and social media, leading to extra police protection for her inside the state capitol in Richmond, and for her family in West Springfield.

She declined to discuss specific details about the threats, but said “some of them were credible,” prompting “an extra set of eyes” from police.


Tran campaigned on a platform that includes immigration restructuring, equal pay for women and expanding Medicaid in Virginia, beating Republican Lolita Mancheno-Smoak by 22 points. She often brought her infant, Elise, doorknocking with her, strapped in a carrier that she wore on her chest.

Once in Richmond, Tran drew attention for nursing Elise — by then a year old — on the House floor. She and Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy (D-Prince William) worked with first lady Pam Northam to establish lactation rooms inside the capitol, and started an informal “parents’ caucus” to help members — male or female — deal with the tricky issues of raising young children while serving in the legislature.

First, Democratic House Delegate Dawn Adams had to apologize to her constituents for co-sponsoring the bill…without reading it. So, you know this was an extreme bill. Second, she nursed her kid in the state capitol? Is that meant to absolve her for pushing a bill that pretty much legalized infanticide? She could have been nursing two kids and I couldn’t care less. 

This was an appalling bill and the line ‘look she’s a mother’ is just weak. A lot of serial killers were parents, but that doesn’t absolve them of their crimes and ill deeds. And being a parent while promoting abortion extremism certainly doesn’t protect you from criticism. As for the death threats, that’s horrible and it shouldn’t happen. There’s no defense for that either, but given what has happened in New York, which legalized late-term abortion, it’s hard to believe that Democrats are misspeaking about this issue. They just underestimated the blowback because—shocker—infanticide isn’t popular.

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