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Killer Kamala: Her Single-Payer Health Care Plan Would Slash Over A Million Jobs

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is already gunning to be the candidate for the far left in the 2020 primaries. Her agenda calls for nearly $3 trillion in tax hikes, along with the single-payer health care. She made quite the announcement last night during a town hall event with CNN’s Jake Tapper. She wants to get rid of private health insurance. So, we’re nowhere near the Iowa Caucuses, and the far left is already working hard to give Middle America sticker shock for their trash economic agenda.  Again, these clowns don’t have a clue for how to pay for Medicare for All, and support for single-payer drops like a rock when you tell voters that their employer-based plans would be cannibalized in order for this to work. To top it all off, Harris’ health care plan would nix over a million jobs (via NTK Network):

According to AHIP, which is a political advocacy and trade association for health insurance companies, Harris’s proposal would cost more than 1.4 million Americans their jobs. That’s according to AHIP’s 2017 report, which tracks those who were employed directly and indirectly by America’s private health insurance industry.

In 2017, America’s private health insurance industry directly employed 512,113 Americans, and another 908,313 American were indirectly employed by the American private health insurance industry.

That’s over 1,420,000 Americans who could possibly lose their jobs because of Harris Medicare for all proposal. It’s not yet clear how many jobs Harris’s plan would create in a government-run system like Medicare For All.

Yeah, in this scenario, killer Kamala would start off her presidency by killing over a million jobs…because total government control must be established, American families be damned. In all, her economic agenda is to make the entire nation just like California. In other words, drowning in red and suffering economically, but at least we all will be wallowing in misery equally. 

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