Facepalm: MSNBC Host Is Taken To The Woodshed For Elaborating On The 'Sexy Part Of Socialism'

Posted: Jan 29, 2019 2:05 PM

There’s a sexy side of socialism? Our friends at Twitchy were on the same wavelength because the first thought that comes to mind is what in the fresh hell is this? Liberal America certainly knows there are other networks besides MSNBC, they just choose to ignore the facts, per usual, to keep the narrative alive. Whether it is peddling fake news to keep the Russian collusion myth propped up or ignoring video evidence to keep a social media trashing of Catholic high school students alive because they wore hats they found offensive, keeping the talking points alive is paramount, even at the expense of facts. But remember, if you’re morally right, you can just lie, lie, and lie some more. 

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes took to Twitter to lecture us about the “least sexy part of socialism,” adding that it’s grounded in “effective, efficient bureaucratic administration but the project lives or dies based on it.

Excuse me? That’s the least sexy part? I’m sure the tens of millions of Chinese who starved during the Great Leap Forward would disagree, or the countless millions killed under Stalin. Also, it amazes me that the failures of Maoist China and Stalinist Russia still flies over the heads of the far left. and yes, Hayes was torched over this on Twitter:

To the south, Venezuela is so poor, so desperate, and in such a mess that people are eating out of garbage cans. Zoos are being broken into so that starving Venezuelan can eat the animals. Hospitals are short of basic medical supplies, like gloves and soap. Reportedly, the conditions are akin to that of the 18thcentury. You cannot wait in line for food. The police will arrest you. And pets are being eaten. Women are being sterilized to avoid pregnancy, as the nation descends into a socialist hellhole. The level of hunger has become so terrible that the well educated, including children, have now resorted to prostitution to obtain groceries. For burials, caskets have become too expensive; families are burying their loved ones in plastic bags. Oh, and let’s not forget the return of polio in Venezuela:

The deadly polio virus has returned to Venezuela 30 years after being eradicated, as the country’s health care system struggles under a nationwide economic crash.

The case—the first since 1989—was reported in the eastern state of Delta Amacuro and comes alongside additional spikes in diphtheria, tuberculosis, measles and malaria infections, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Polio is a serious viral infection and, for up to 1 in every 100 people affected, can cause temporary or permanent paralysis. It is spread by consuming food or water contaminated with infected fecal matter.


However, vaccine coverage is falling across Venezuela as the health system reacts to the nation’s economic crisis. In Delta Amacuro, vaccines only reach around 67 percent of the state. “The government is not approving the money for the vaccines,” said Manuela Bolivar, a member of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly who is analyzing the increase in infections. “This situation is unfortunate but we saw it coming, because we’ve been denouncing for years that there are not enough vaccines.”

Socialism sucks. It’s always sucked. And that’s the stone cold truth. 

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