Flashback: This Barbasol Ad Is A Nice Throwback Compared To Gillette's Toxic Masculinity Ad Nonsense

Posted: Jan 26, 2019 9:00 AM

Gillette continues to be dragged for their political correctness nonsense. The shaving company produced a lengthy ad that doesn’t deal with shaving. It’s a call to arms against the phantom problem of toxic masculinity, a liberal feminist invention that aims to make liberals feel better about their worthless, pseudo-intellectual college degrees from safe space university. Whatever the case, liberals dominate entertainment and academia, so this nagging non-issue will rear its ugly head—and it has. As the saying goes, the Left will make you care. You can’t sit out on a debate. You can’t be neutral. Whatever it is, the Left will infect so you will care. In this case, they’ve infected shaving cream ads. Yet, while Gillette peddles the trash that men are boors, aggressive and pretty much rapists in waiting, other companies have decided to respond to these trash ads. 

Egard Watch Company, not taking their advertising cues from someone who has read the SCUM Manifesto from Valerie Solanas, released a great ad declaring they already see the good in men, noting the various occupational hazards and casualties faced by men, not in the least being the men constitute the vast majority of suicides, homicides, workplace deaths, and those who are both single and homeless. Yeah, male privilege really giving the leg up there. That’s another myth that liberals peddle, mostly in order to shut down debate when feminists’ historically illiterate views start getting torched; Jordan Petersen does this with ease.

Yet, in 2013, Barbasol produced an ad that is the perfect counter to Gillette succumbing to political correctness. It features a World War II soldier speaking to his great-grandson while fighting the Nazis in France. He chides the youngster, saying that he’s using the freedom he fought to preserve overseas to trash celebrities on Twitter. 

“Listen, hashtag, if you’re not going to fight like a man, at least shave like a man,” he says. Yes, that phrase would trigger the feminist Left. So-called toxic masculinity of course, but there are others, but I can't really think of any because, well, I'm not a liberal, nor am I mentally ill like them. 

Now, in principle, great granddad is right. Fighting on Twitter is not the same thing. At the same time, when these celebrities come out to spew their idiocy about politics, which often times includes campaigns that will certainly limit freedoms (i.e. free speech and Second Amendment rights), you should definitely respond…civilly. And, great granddad could also just be referring to our nation’s obsession with celebrity, where if they do something, anything, that’s considered bad with their fan bases, or whatnot, they get wrecked on social media. A lot of times, it’s just bullying. Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things fame was chased off Twitter for no other reason than people can be tools. It’s really not worth going into the campaign that drove her away. The point is she’s only 14 years old. People can be mean creeps. 

Whatever the case, the ad is clear. Stop wasting time, but if you want to, shave like a man. There’s no toxic masculinity PSAs at the end. Be a man and use Barbasol. That theme is your run-of-the-mill men’s shaving cream ad. And yes, this ad strikes home. I do blog about celebrities’ left-wing nonsense here, but I also use Barbasol. In all, the fact that it's an ad about shaving is a refreshing throwback.