The Government Is Still Shut Down And The Liberal Media Is Still Loaded With Idiots

Posted: Jan 22, 2019 3:30 PM

We’re back. The government remains shut down, but that doesn’t mean the media took a break from its usual idiocy. No, it cranked it up a notch, with BuzzFeed peddling a straight lie about President Trump directing his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a real estate deal in Russia. The Mueller investigation issued a rare statement to debunk it. BuzzFeed is standing by its trash story. And yet, impeachment-mania dominated the news cycle, and once again the Russia bombshell turned out to be a total dud. Concerning media coverage of the Trump White House for 2018, the Media Research Center found that 90 percent of it was negative. It’s shocking…I thought it would’ve been higher given the anti-Trump ethos that has infected the liberal media, which was always terrible but has become more reckless since 2016.

Oh, and fake news week didn’t stop with BuzzFeed. Students from Covington Catholic High School, who attended the March for Life event in D.C., were viciously attacked by the progressive mobs for a false narrative peddled by an alleged Russian Twitter bot based in Brazil. The original story, which totally blew up in a mere 24 hours, was that these students, all wearing MAGA hats, hounded this Native American man and chanted “build the wall" in his face. After further review, this turned out to be a total lie. The Native American man approached the students. Yes, there were chants. The students were dropping sports chants to drown out the homophobic and obscene remarks hurled at them by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites. Google them. They’re not nice.

And yet, because of the MAGA gear, the media lost their minds. To make matters worse, police are now at the school to provide security, and the left-wing mob doxxed the wrong kid. It’s insane.

And of course, on the Hill, sanity remains elusive with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) dropping another hot take: fighting climate change is just like fighting World War II, and that the world will come to an end in 12 years if we do nothing about it. If there is one thing we know about the climate change crowd is that their projections are total garbage. In 2007, the Arctic Ice Cap was supposed to melt away by 2013. In 2013, it actually grew by 530,000+ square miles. 

Another front in the government shutdown fight is the State of the Union speech. Speaker Nancy Pelosi had the stones to virtually disinvite Trump from delivering the speech slated for January 29. She cited the shutdown and security concerns. The Secret Service fact-checked Pelosi, but she didn’t care. Then, Trump, citing the shutdown, struck back and canceled her trip to Brussels and Afghanistan. He still plans to give the speech, though he has received offers to deliver the address in the Senate chamber and the State Capitol in Raleigh, North Carolina.  

We’ll see what happens. Either way, the Trump White House is marching onward for the State of the Union, which could be attended by only Republicans. That wouldn’t shock me, but it could also offer a glimpse of utopia, where only Republicans are the elected members in Washington.