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Look, I don’t know comedian Liza Treyger. I’m not familiar with her work, but she’s feeling the Bern, but it’s not what you think. She’s feeling the Bern in the sense that she totally trashed the darling of the Democratic Party’s progressive faction. Bernie Sander is mulling a 2020 run, but Treyger is done with “old white dudes.” She made her position very, very clear on MSNBC last Saturday (via RCP):



Uh, Bernie Sanders fall back...your year was 2016 and it really wasn’t, please get away from us. It’s not going to happen. I think it's like fetch. It's not going to happen. He's also--I think you’re disheveled, you’re unlikeable, and your pushy. And I don't think you should be leading anybody if you couldn’t control your campaign and what your employees were doing and harassing and paying women unfairly in your campaign I don’t know why you would lead your country or think you can.

We saw that with the flipping of the House and everyone voting, everyone's really excited with young, female candidates, especially women of color.

We need men to get as excited about women as women are and that’s the only way to do real change.

I'm sorry guys, I’m just sick of old white dudes. Go away.

 Is Treyger a canary in the coal mine for the Feel the Bern 2.0? I hope so; no Sanders means Trump has one less thing to worry about. Of all the candidates thinking about a presidential run, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders actually do worry me just a tad due to their strength with working-class whites. While this voter group has shifted towards the GOP in droves, they’re not reliable base voters. They will, and have, voted for Democrats before. They’re classic swing voters, though every time a Democrat mocks and degrades them it makes it that much harder for the Left to seize on this massive voter bloc. Still, I find them very much up for grabs, and it’s not like Democrats have to overwhelmingly win over these folks. In rural areas, if Hillary were able to lose these voters to Trump by a two-to-one margin instead of three-to-one, she would be president. Barack Obama was able to do well enough with this group to win two terms. Luckily, the Democrats’ anti-Trump anger is blinding them, which hopefully carries over into the next cycle. Yet, the skeletons of the Sanders 2016 campaign, which was an alleged den of sexism and sexual harassment, could put a wrinkle in Bernie’s plans, especially since his answer as to why he didn’t tackle these issues sooner was because he was too busy running in 2016. And by busy, he meant losing to two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton in the primaries. 


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