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LISTEN: TRIGGERED PODCAST: California Wants To Tax…Text Messages. Also, Die Hard Is A Christmas Movie

Merry Friggin’ Christmas, fellow deplorables. We’re one week away from Christmas, which means it’s time for everyone to watch the best Christmas movie of the season: Die Hard. It’s a Christmas movie. Those who disagree are wrong. And as you can see, managing news editor Cortney O’Brien (aka Lyin’ O’Brien) is totally wrong in thinking otherwise. We won’t repeat her trash arguments for why Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. It’s sacrilegious.


In other news, we might not have a government shutdown this week. The Trump administration is looking at other areas of the budget, specifically defense, where they can find the $5 billion the president is seeking for border security. Still, the war drum beats on: Build. The. Wall. 

Former FBI Director James Comey is on his moral high horse, despite tarnishing the reputation of the institution he once headed; he was fired in May of 2017 for not following protocol during the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. It wasn’t because of the Russia investigation, as many in the liberal media spewed for months. It was because he wasn’t doing his job. It was exactly what Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein outlined his letter that recommended that Comey be fired. 

Oh, and remember the Steele Dossier, the fixation of the liberal media until it was discovered to be a Clinton-funded project. Well, it turns out the ex-MI6 spook Christopher Steele admitted that DNC and the Clinton campaign siphoned cash to him in an effort to “challenge the validity of the outcome” of the 2016 election. So, Hillary Clinton is a two-time presidential loser…and a wannabe shadow president? Is this an episode of 24?


Storm thinks that everyone involved in these investigations should be pardoned, except for that rat Michael Cohen. The smorgasbord served up some Brinks money, as an armored car spilled cash all over a New Jersey highway prompting commuters to hop out of their cars in an attempt to increase the size of their wallets before Christmas. The mad money dash caused several accidents.  

In other news, the deep blue cesspool called California has finally decided that they’ve taxed everything, so why not go after…text messages. It’s out of control.

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