Are You People On Crack? Almost 30 Percent Think Santa Claus Should Be Female Or Gender Neutral

Posted: Dec 13, 2018 5:05 PM
Are You People On Crack? Almost 30 Percent Think Santa Claus Should Be Female Or Gender Neutral

Okay, maybe the Right took the Left's war on Christmas a bit far over the past ten years. It was lefty troll bait, folks...until they start suing small towns over nativity displays. The beef over wishing people Happy Holidays over Merry Christmas to be more inclusive was a political correctness exercise that was total garbage. It is Christmas season. Yet, as the Left has moved into crazy town, the political correctness exercises have become more intrusive and more ridiculous. The latest front in the war on Christmas centers right on jolly ole’ Saint Nick. Almost 30 percent of people think he should be either female or gender neutral. Logo design company Graphic Springs surveyed folks in the U.S. and U.K for ideas on how to rebrand Santa (via CBS Pittsburgh):

The survey polled approximately 400 people from the United States and United Kingdom. Then, 4,000 people voted on the most popular version of the Santa they designed from the survey.

“Modern Santa” has tattoos, a stylishly-trimmed beard, skinny jeans, sneakers, and a hoverboard. He’s tech-savvy and looks like he could easily feature in GQ magazine.

A new survey found that over 27 percent of people asked would rebrand Santa Claus as a woman or gender-neutral.


Nearly 11 percent of people said Santa should be female. Over 17 percent said he should be gender neutral.

Santa is a dude. He’s a man. That’s not changing, so we can cut this crap right now. Second, I wish I could say that groups of people were just messing around, saying they want a female or gender neutral Santa to troll and screw around with the survey. I can’t; the Left has become unhinged—and it wouldn’t shock me if the social justice warriors of the world wanted this sort of rebrand. 

Then again, things could be worse:

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