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The Florida Senate election has become a shambles. Once again we have issues counting the votes—and two of the most liberal counties in the state. What’s taking them so long? The counties ravaged by Hurricane Michael are all done. These two counties are not keeping regular updates on the outstanding ballots. Brenda Snipes, elections supervisor for Broward, the largest Democratic county in the state, is like a deer in the headlights concerning how many are actually left to go. With both election boards not being transparent and no way to verify f their vote count dumps, which are in the thousands, are legitimate, Gov. Rick Scott, who had already declared victory over incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, has filed a lawsuit. The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee has joined the lawsuit. 


Yet, while Broward has been the center for negligence and incompetence, Scott’s lawsuit against Palm Beach County appears to be worse concerning the allegations of wrongdoing. Under Florida law, if a paper ballot is damaged in a way that prevents the machines from reading it, an election official can run a replacement ballot. In other words, someone else can vote for you if your original ballot is all screwed up. Professor Michael Morley of Florida State University College Of Law, using Scott’s lawsuit documents, found a startling allegation of wrongdoing by Palm Beach County election officials, where they reportedly barred Scott’s campaign representatives from monitoring replacement ballot process. There’s sworn evidence to this allegation as well. He also noted how this is a rather serious power election officials have in the state, which, as you can see, is ripe for possible fraud. These folks can create new ballots, which is why you need witnesses during this process.


Florida’s elections are heading for a recount. The legal teams on both sides are mobilizing, and Scott has vowed that this race will not be stolen.

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