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Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw was attacked on national television over the weekend. He was the basis of a joke on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update skit, where Pete Davidson decided to poke fun at the GOP candidate because he lost his eye; Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL. 


“You may be surprised to hear he’s a Congressional candidate from Texas and not a hitman in a porno movie. I’m sorry, I know he lost his eye in war, or whatever,” said Davidson. 

The remarks have sparked a backlash and reinforced conservative opinions about liberal Hollywood. The Left is truly despicable. Yet, NBC News’ Kasie Hunt found herself attacked by left-wingers, who were appalled that she had the courage and independence to tweet something that wasn’t…totally insane. It was a nice tweet. Innocuous, straightforward, and appreciative of Crenshaw’s service, noting that such a calling to service is what we need on the Hill.

“I interviewed @DanCrenshawTX for a piece on vets running. I enjoyed our conversation — and as an American I am incredibly grateful for his service and his sacrifice. Our country is better off with more people like him in Congress, party aside” Hunt tweeted. 


The Left took that as Hunt endorsing Crenshaw, with Media Matters throwing the first stone. The responses to the tweet were just ridiculous. Center for American Progress, a left-wing think tank, also came after her for endorsing Crenshaw. 


“I’m not endorsing any candidate. I AM saying thanks for serving and saying I think more veterans in Congress is good for our country. If you disagree, we can agree to disagree,” replied Hunt to the gathering horde of trolls that were about to flood her timeline. 

This is insane. We’ve criticized Hunt’s employer, maybe even herself at times, but in this case, she did nothing wrong. I don’t see how this tweet is an endorsement of Crenshaw. Also, is anyone for disenfranchising and dissuading veterans to run for Congress? It’s all part of the ongoing saga of progressive orthodoxy stomping out anyone who steps out of line. Everyone has to be on the same page; that’s the only way the Left can break institutions to do their odious doing. Whatever the case, we don’t hide our biases here at Townhall. You know what you’re getting when you visit here. So, with that said, I will loudly and explicitly say vote Republican tomorrow. I want to see those liberal tears flow, flow harder than ever before when we win, win, win the midterms—big league; that I can tell you. 


Thanking a veteran for their service is now a cardinal sin on the Left. And the elite media says we're the extreme ones. Sad. 

Maybe it's a little payback for Hunt's analyses on the state of the Democratic Party base, or saying on air that Senate Democrats seemed more interested in the 2020 elections than keeping the government open when they shut down the government over illegal aliens this year:

H/T @Mahtinwesley

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