CNN Host Says He Doesn't See Democrats Killing People Over Politics...Or This Is Why Your Network Sucks

Posted: Oct 30, 2018 2:05 PM
CNN Host Says He Doesn't See Democrats Killing People Over Politics...Or This Is Why Your Network Sucks

Here’s another example of the elite media being the enemy of the people. Sorry, I don’t care if that makes some liberal writers upset. You people, suck. It’s almost as if the legions of liberals in America’s newsrooms were just waiting for some tragedy to occur in the hopes of pinning it on the president. 

That’s what they’ve done with the recent whacko ex-stripper in Florida who mailed explosive devices to top Democrats and former presidents, or the anti-Semite who shot and killed 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. It’s all President Trump’s fault, and if it’s not his fault, the blame rests with conservative media. It’s insane. Even more insane is Don Lemon’s insufferably smug show on CNN, that no one watches, where he had the stones to say that he didn’t see Democrats killing over politics?

Via NRO:

CNN anchor Don Lemon said on his show Monday that he sees only “right-wingers,” not Democrats, committing murders over their political beliefs.

Conservative commentator Mike Shields argued on Lemon’s show,”CNN Tonight,” that blaming “fear-mongering” from Fox News over the Central American immigrant caravan for the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh was “disgusting” and “outrageous.”

Shields brought up the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot Representative Steve Scalise at a Republican congressional baseball practice in 2017, apparently motivated by his political disagreements with the GOP.

Liberal commentator Max Boot accused Shields of blaming Sanders for the shooting, something he had not suggested and which he patently denied.

“You’re not being honest,” Lemon told Shields, a recurring guest on the show. “This is not equal, and I understand the whole argument about both sides.” 

That Sanders supporter who opened fire on congressional Republicans in Alexandria, as they were practicing for the annual baseball game last year, was James Hodgkinson. He almost killed Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and others, and yes, Sen. Sanders wasn’t really blamed. That’s the whole point, you miserable morons. Democrats don’t get blamed when their people start taking shots at Republicans. And Don wouldn’t know jack about the “both sides” of a debate. He works for CNN, one of the biggest liberal garbage dumps in news today. 

Someone fired four shots at the Volusia GOP headquarters in Florida. Someone firebombed a GOP office in North Carolina and spraypainted a swastika. 

“Nazis Republicans leave town or else,” the vandals wrote. 

A GOP office in Wyoming was set on fire. A boulder was thrown through the windows of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) California office. Another rock was thrown through the window of a Republican office in Mesa, Arizona, with the words “f**k Trump” written on it. A truck with a Trump sticker was set on fire. Caleb Hull has more examples. 

The Left has a domestic terror wing. They’re called Antifa, and all of these incidences do not dissuade me from thinking that the Left is more than capable of committing violence because their precious little feelings are hurt that old, sick Hillary couldn’t beat Trump. And yes, some are willing to kill for it. Hodgkinson reportedly said, “This is for health care,” as he opened fire on Republicans.

The reason it appears that the GOP is more violent than Democrats, Don, is because you, and your network, are trash and bury stories of Democrats going wild. You make it seem unequal. It’s your worldview. Democrats can do no wrong, even when they attempt mass assassination attacks. You wonder why you’re not trusted, why you’re hated. Well, use this as an example. You deserve every bit of the vitriol hurled your way because we all know CNN and the elite liberal media hate conservatives, rural voters, and anyone who isn’t a politically correct, pansy liberal. We’re sick of it. The liberal media may flood the zone with their trash, but we can always change the channel or hit the mute button. Don’t respect them. Don’t listen to them. Just vote more Republicans into power. That’ll always drive these jokers crazy.

Will it get better? Probably not--CNN had a guest who said Trump had radicalized more people than ISIS.