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There is no one more annoying than Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ). The Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, who has been bombarded with allegations of sexual misconduct that are lacking in evidence and witnesses, is now in serious trouble. There is no credible evidence that definitely says Kavanaugh attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford, the first accuser, in high school; expose himself to Deborah Ramirez at Yale—or, and get this—ran a gang rape ring in high school. All the allegations are baseless unsubstantiated gossip. It’s a joke, but Democrats have weaponzied Me Too to take out their enemies. They’re willing to destroy a man’s life, family, and reputation to expand power on the Hill. Is it wrong? Who cares? If this works, then I have to begrudgingly give a hat tip. This is what politics is…the organization of our animosities. It’s war. There are two sides—and yes, Democrats are the enemy. Then, there are the weak, spineless, moderates who get tossed around and used like rag dolls because they’re too stupid to know when they’re being played. 


On the day of the Senate Judiciary Committee vote Friday, Flake voted to advance the nomination to the Senate floor, but delay the final vote for a week to allow FBI to run a supplemental investigation into these claims. This is not a criminal investigation, which means witnesses (if any) cannot be forced to testify, records cannot be subpoenaed, and the results will be inconclusive. It will just be a record of interviews. That’s all. And it will allow the Left to keep brutalizing Kavanaugh for another week, and give Sens. Murkowski (R-AK) and Collins (R-ME) cover to do what some have already guessed might happen: vote this nominee down.  Collins, Murkowski, and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) all backed Flake’s motion. Flake has allowed this character assassination campaign to continue. He should be torched by Republicans, and forever cast out as a traitor and a disgrace. When we have a solid game plan, there are always the moderates, with their doe-eyed nonsense about principle, there to dash our plans. We all know that Congress, politics is a snake pit. There’s nothing admirable about these people. Nothing.  That goes double for Democrats.  No doubt there are bad Republicans, but no good Democrats exist. We should get use to that. 

What Flake did was screw his party and nix what could have been one of the biggest conservative victories in a generation: a solid majority on the Supreme Court. 

Does he know Democrats won’t accept the results? Does he now this has been a delay tactic? Does he know that there is nothing the FBI report could say that will make the Left change their minds? Is Flake this stupid? Because he lacked the mental toughness, Kavanaugh’s nomination could be finished. And how did this happen? Well, the Democrats knew who was weak. Who was a total pushover—and they picked Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) to flip him (via WaPo) [emphasis mine]:


The deal to delay a final vote on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee was made behind closed doors Friday — by two senators crammed into a battered, old-fashioned phone booth built for one.

Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Christopher A. Coons (D-Del.) were two old friends in the middle of a fight: Coons was upset that Flake had just announced he would vote to confirm Brett M. Kavanaugh, clouded by allegations of sexual assault, without an FBI investigation.

By the end of the cramped meeting, Flake had agreed to retreat — joining Coons and other Democratic senators in forcing a week-long delay in the vote on Kavanaugh to give the FBI time to investigate the assault accusations.

The episode again put Flake in the position of spoiler and grandstander — defying Trump and conservatives, sowing distrust among many Democrats and still unclear where he intends to land in the end.


Flake started Friday by releasing a statement that declared his support for Kavanaugh, surprising friends like Coons given the turmoil that followed dramatic testimony Thursday by both Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who says Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a house party when he was 17. If Flake had stuck to his vow, Kavanaugh’s confirmation would have effectively been ensured, giving Republicans enough votes to approve him along party lines.


Pursued by reporters Friday afternoon, Flake said he had declared his support for the nomination in the morning as a means of driving Democrats who backed a more open-ended FBI investigation to the bargaining table.

“You have some leverage when you’re, you know, just one vote on the committee,” Flake said, noting the panel is composed of 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats.

Coons said Flake deserved credit for his role in finding a path forward. “He did something that was difficult and brave today,” he said.


Jeff Flake cannot get the hell out of Congress fast enough. Thank you, Jeff Flake for prolonging the attacks against Kavanaugh. And if you think the FBI report is going to make Democrats agree to a final vote shortly thereafter, you’re on crack. Democrats are not our friends, and they’re certainly not Jeff Flake’s. Friday’s antics were a disgrace. At the same time, I think the GOP didn’t realize how low the Left would go to defeat this man. GOP has to go lower. This isn’t about moral high grounds. This is the politics of destruction and the Left has a monopoly on it right now. Republicans need to get nasty if they want to salvage this because we’re running on empty right now—all thanks to Jeff Flake.

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