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Fake News? Is There A Third Kavanaugh Accuser?

Is there another accuser or is it fake news? It’s been a whirlwind couple of days with a new woman, Deborah Ramirez, bringing forward allegations of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh when he was in college. It comes after Christine Blasey Ford brought forward allegations that Kavanaugh tried to sexually assault her at a house party in high school. In both cases, there is no evidence. No witnesses. It’s unprovable. And they’re allegations that are over 30 years old. It’s absurd. Ford cannot remember why there was a party, whose house it was in, and how she got there. Ramirez waited until Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court, which is very convenient timing. She waited six days to recollect her memories, whatever that means. Even The New York Timesdidn’t pull the trigger on a deep-dive story on her story because they can’t confirm anything. Ford has retrained an anti-Trump lawyer and took a polygraph. Say it with me, folks. Two words: hit job. But then there was a report that another accuser had filed a sexual assault complaint against Kavanaugh (via The Montgomery County Sentinel):


Investigators in Montgomery County confirmed Monday they’re aware of a potential second sexual assault complaint in the county against former Georgetown Prep student and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

While investigators weren’t specific and spoke on background, they said they are looking at allegations against Kavanaugh during his senior year in high school after an anonymous witness came forward this weekend.

This would potentially bring the number to four women accusing Kavanaugh of wrongdoing and comes after Deborah Ramirez, a former Yale college student, stepped forward this weekend to accuse Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her in college, and after attorney Michael Avenatti tweeted out a message saying he represents a woman with “credible information regarding Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.”

“Confirmed”? Nope. The Montgomery County Chief of Police said his detectives are not looking into it. Why? No one has come forward, so in other words, we may have some fake news being peddled here [emphasis mine]:

The chief of police in Montgomery County, Md., says his officers are not looking into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, appearing to contradict a local news report that "investigators" were looking at a potential second high school misconduct allegation.

"I have spoken with my chief of detectives, and neither of us have any knowledge of anyone coming forward to us to report any allegations involving Judge Kavanaugh," police Chief J. Thomas Manger told the Washington Examiner in an email.


The local publication did not identify the "investigators" as police, but ordinarily police would investigate an alleged crime before a decision on whether to prosecute.


Of course, some liberal outlets jumped on it, but have since dialed it down a notch. 

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