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Despite controversies over the IRS targetingconservative groups, spying on reporters, seizing their phone records, and covertly mulled giving Iran access to our financial system, President Obama won an award for ethics in government from the University of Illinois last week. And he took the usual tone of an elitist Democratic snob: thank God for me. That was the overarching theme. 


The economy under Trump has been booming, hitting four percent growth in the second quarter. Wages have grown; consumer and small business confidence have reached record highs, and unemployment has reached a generation low. Over three millions jobs have been created, with at least that many workers receiving bonus checks averaging $1,000 or more. The climate for business has never been better, thanks to the Trump tax cuts. Right now, there are more jobs and than job seekers. And what does Obama have to say about that: well, that was all me. 

Yeah, for a man who made ‘you didn’t build that’ into a 2012 campaign rally cry, it’s a tad ironic that he’s trying to take credit for an economic recovery that was ranked as anemic at best, certainly the slowest since World War II. That’s because of the hyper-regulatory nature of the Obama White House; Trump has allowed government to get out of the way for the most part, cutting regulations and trying to find ways to streamline government. He then blamed the 2010 Tea Party wave for preventing him from fully implementing his super awesome plan for an economic recovery, which was overrated from the get-go when they promised four percent economic growth is the trillion dollar stimulus was passed. 


“When you hear how great the economy is doing right now, let’s just remember when this recovery started,” Obama said. 

Here’s the difference, Barry. Maybe you had some achievements on the economic front when you were in office, but you weren’t a cheerleader for America. You sucked at that, making sure to downplay or marginalize America’s role in the world, which allowed Russia to kick you around like rag doll all over the place. The retreat bolstered Syria to reportedly launch a chemical weapons attack, a red line for your White House that was never enforced. And even there, you allowed the Russians to stake a claim in the Middle East, going back on nearly 50 years of U.S. policy in the region. 

Also, sorry—Barry, you’re a Democrat. You’re a liberal. We don’t need you to lecture us about what’s wrong with the GOP. What’s wrong with your party, which lost over 1,000 seats since you were elected across state, federal, and local offices? You decimated your party, while the GOP has become the dominant political force in the country; Democrats are an urban and coastal party. Also, the Republican Party is the only party that has become paranoid, divisive, and bitter? Dude, that’s your party. Democrats and liberals are embracing Russophobia in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, they adopt race-based safe spaces and bash white people, and they’re bitter over the success of others—hence the shift towards socialism: envy and bitterness are that philosophy's core tenets. That’s very applicable to young Americans, whose bull crap women’s and social justice warrior studies degrees aren’t landing them good-paying jobs, or any job for that matter. Those degrees are straight trash, and no one has time to be lectured to by some overly educated, snobby kid about cultural appropriation and so-called white privilege. In the real world, on this subject, no one cares, no one can hear you, and nothing will come of your kicking and screaming. You just make yourself look more unemployable. Oh, and while we’re at it, whose side refuses to serve police, whose side
is more likely to de-friend people on social media over politics, whose side says that voting for Trump would put a strain on a marriage or friendship—it’s not Republicans. It’s Democrats. But as usual, the suffocating and appalling display of insufferable self-righteousness exhibited by most in these cesspools of progressivism has blinded them to their smug stench. I have a degree in this, so I’m an expert and I can tell what others who disagree with me what to do, they say. 

In reality, they’ve got nothing but your hatred of this president and their worthless degrees which would have more utility in the world being used as toilet paper to wipe other people’s a**es. 

This is Trump’s economy—and it’s going great. America is rebuilding its military as well. We’re not being bossed around anymore. Confidence in all socioeconomic spheres has spiked under Trump. The trends are clear. America is more confident with Trump at the helm, not Obama. That has to sting to hear that the other guy was able to establish a solid foundation of economic growth, real growth, faster than you and better than you. Then again, Obama’s a Democrat—it’s par for the course. Sucks to suck, huh Barry? Also, as Ben Shapiro noted, this lecture is exactly how we got Trump. We’re tired of being sold that the liberal way is the only right way. What happened in 2016 was a huge ‘screw you’ to the Obama moment. Now, the Right has told liberals, we won, you lost, so shut the hell up. You don’t know better because you just lost. Get the hell out of our way, you miserable cancers to our country.


So, by all means, please keep Obama talking. It gets us revved up. 

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