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Abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement is becoming a litmus test for liberal Democrats. It’s insane. It’s not serious, but it makes the Left look totally unhinged, so grab some popcorn. The calls to abolish this federal law enforcement agency has grown since the child separation issue blew up at the border; families being separated upon arrest for trying to illegally enter the U.S., which is a crime. Also, many a human trafficker feigns family status, hence why adults and children are separated. Obama had the same policy. Yet, with the Trump administration actually trying to enforce federal immigration laws, the lurch to the Left on immigration from liberals has manifested itself with this call to abolish ICE. Immigration and abortion are two of the most explicit examples of how Democrats, liberals, progressives, and other groups that wallow in this left-wing cesspool have moved outside of the mainstream. The whole campaign is nuts, and with it, comes the usual tinges of self-righteousness that’s unavoidable with liberals. But you see, because their cause is just, some think it’s a license to use racist language to accomplish their ends. 


During a rather intense confrontation between law enforcement and anti-ICE protestors, a few of these left-wing whack jobs, who were probably whiter than Wonder Bread, decided it was fine to call a black police officer the n-word. These left-wingers have since built a fort, which, yes—will be removed by police. The initial ruckus, where the racial epithets were hurled occurred on July 11, though these clowns have been at it since late June (via The Oregonian):


Federal officers policing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Portland say they were subjected to a barrage of hateful and at times racially-charged invective during the monthlong demonstration at the facility.

Email records obtained by The Oregonian/OregonLive detail some of the insults and taunting that several nonwhite federal officers say they endured. The newsroom is not publishing officers’ names by request of the Federal Protective Services, which cited safety concerns if identities are revealed. The agency did not respond to a request for comment. 


In emails obtained by the newsroom, one African American officer reported to an administrator that protesters “began yelling racial slurs” at him, including the N-word. The officer said he was also called a “blood traitor” and an Uncle Tom, a derogatory term implying a black person is acting subservient to whites for money or prestige.

“These racial slurs have been directed at me throughout the entire length of the deployment,” the officer wrote.


Another officer, who is a woman of Hispanic and Native American descent, said she was called derogatory terms for Hispanic people and told she is “a weak female” and a “traitor.”

“I was berated for so long I can’t even remember everything that was told to me,” the officer wrote.

NTK Network had more on the racial epithets and profanity that was lobbed at these law enforcement officers:


[Warning: strong language. N-words start flying around the 11:40-minute mark. 

The protestors then began chanting “abolish ICE,” and compared the ICE officers to Nazi and the Gestapo.

“F**k you get on your property. Get on your f**king property you fascists,” one protester can be heard saying, as a police car arrives.

Police officers then began arresting protestors who refused to move out of the way of the entrance to the ICE building.

A protestor can be heard calling the police officers “scumbags” and asking “what the f**k is wrong with you,” while police officers were in the process of arresting other protestors.

Another protestor can be heard calling a female officer holding a can of mace a “b**ch” and demanded she put her “f**king can of mace down.”

The protestors repeatedly referred to the officers as “Nazi” and “pieces of s**t.”

“I hope you die you piece of s**t, I will laugh on your f**king grave you piece of s**t,” another protestor can be heard yelling at the police officers.

Then another protestor can be heard saying to an African-American police officer at the scene, “you’re a God damn n****r, you’re a f**king n****r to the white man.”

Welcome to the Left Coast, folks. Welcome to the anti-Trump resistance, where you can call people of color, whom you think are against you, the n-word because…resist, or something. These people are losers, and their agenda is total trash. Maybe that’s why no one supports them, though they’ll never figure that out since they’re really a group that should be committed to the looney bin. Oh, and they're racist apparently.  


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