Don't Call Them Journalists: MSNBC's Katy Tur Gets Torched After Picking A Fight With The Daily Caller

Posted: Jul 24, 2018 1:20 PM

MSNBC’s Katy Tur, the vanguard of mainstream journalists everywhere, decided to take a stand for the news media. Take a stand for truth—and totally step on a rake in the process. She went after the Daily Caller, denigrating their reporting because, you know, she’s Ms. Perfect. The panel discussion revolved around the FISA warrant against Carter Page, former foreign policy adviser for the Trump campaign. Yes, she got torched on social media—and you bet the Daily Caller crew caught this as well—big league:

MSNBC correspondent Ken Dilanian then said “there’s a whole amen chorus out there that is arguing with Donald Trump and that’s what’s fueling this. It isn’t just Trump and his tweets, it’s Fox News, it’s the Daily Caller website. There’s a whole cadre of journalists who are essentially making this argument –“

“Don’t use that term. They’re not journalists if they’re doing that,” Tur said. 

“That’s a great point, because the facts as you’ve just laid out very compellingly, don’t comport with this at all,” Dilanian responded.

Joe Gabriel Simonson read off a great history of screw-ups from Tur and Dilanian. Twitchy captured this filleting of the MSNBC network and host. It was brutal, and they had the rundown of the butcher’s bill:

Tur and company thought fireworks was Israeli shelling, felt that California voters should just move to swing states, and falsely claimed that all 17 intelligence agencies agreed on the 2016 Russian election interference. Oh, and as for gun lexicon, laws, and facts—there’s no refuge there either. It’s just abject stupidity. For Dilinian, his Cohen phone tap story totally blew up in his face. Wait, there’s more: Tur didn’t know aboutthe “transmit to Vladimir” hot mic moment between then Presidents Obama and Medvedev in 2012, she thought the Constitution was written and ratified in 1776, and interviewed an ‘almost school shooter’and yes, pro-gun control overtures were made, and tried to goad a Democratic senator into saying that Trump is a terrorist. Also, let’s not forget this classic: Tur questioning whether she’s out of touch on the slew of bonuses working class Americans received thanks to the Trump tax cuts. Get a grip, lady. You have a side. You’re no better than us. In fact, your whole network is devoted to spewing endless liberal trash to keep Democratic blood pressures low. It’s time for MSDNC to admit this. 

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