MSNBC Host to Dem Senator: Are You Saying Trump Is A Terrorist? He's A Terrorist, Right?

Posted: Jun 08, 2018 8:10 PM

MSNBC’s Katy Tur interviewed Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) today to discuss the Trump White House’s immigration policy. During the discussion, Murphy was seemingly pressed by Tur to compare President Trump to a terrorist. Murphy, as with all Democrats, was criticizing the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Democrats have been slamming the White House for separating families during arrests. Some have been peddling the falsehood that 1,500 children have been lost in the enforcement push. Murphy then said that Trump’s policies are “terrorizing” kids. That’s when Tur decided to have her moment.

“Senator, it sounds like what you’re saying is you don’t negotiate with terrorists, and you’re calling the president a terrorist in this scenario,” Tur said.

“No, I’m not saying...” said Murphy before Tur cut him off.

“You said he’s terrorizing kids. I mean, the policy is don’t negotiate with terrorists because when you give them what they want, they’ll only hold more people hostage, or etc., I mean that is what you just said,” she added. “If you give the president what he wants, he’ll hold more vulnerable population groups hostage.”

“Well, I did not call the president that name,” replied Murphy, but added that Trump’s policies are inflicting terror on these illegal immigrant children. 

Tur was referring to Trump’s border wall proposal and the continued stalled talks on the Hill concerning hashing out a comprehensive deal on immigration. At the same time, calling Trump a terrorist and trying to goad a Democrat into saying it, that’s par for the course for the news media.