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Bill Maher is right on some things and dead wrong on others. Maher ruffles feathers with left-wingers for his remarks about radical Islamic terrorism and political correctness. At the same time, he recently said that he wants to economy to crash so we can get rid of Donald Trump. Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time, seems to think that it’s a hard binary choice between a booming economy and losing our democracy (we’re a Republic!). Yeah, let’s set the nation on fire because we lost an election; this is your Democratic Party (via Real Clear Politics) [emphasis mine]:


Bill Maher said Friday that he is "hoping" for the bottom to fall out of the economy and for the country to enter a recession so we can "get rid of Trump." He said one way to do that is a "crashing economy." Maher said he is "sorry" if it hurts people, but rooting for a recession is a prevention measure to losing democracy.

"Can I ask about the economy because this economy is going pretty well? I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. And by the way, I'm hoping for it. Because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So, please, bring on the recession. Sorry if that hurts people, but it's either root for a recession or you lose your democracy," Maher said on the Friday broadcast of his HBO show Real Time.

Wait—so, what’s going on here? In 2013, then-Vice President Bidensaidthe GOP was “down on America.” We weren’t; we were just aptly noting how you and your boss, Obama, sucked. They never got the economic numbers Trump is getting. And they never could because these two didn’t know how to really grow the economy, which was another thing we were saying. We’re looking at 3.6-4.8 percent growthin the second quarter, by the way. Because a Republican won the 2016 election, some liberals want the economy to tank in order to boot him from office. Right, because Democrats really know how to get that economy going, especially with the trillions of dollars in taxes that will need to be raised to fund their single-payer nightmare for the country. Hey, you may have no job, no opportunity, and are miserable in economic destitution, but at least everyone has access to sub-par health care. We can all suffer together. That’s the equality of outcome the Left wants, destitution for everyone. I just love the 180-degree turn. Obama is in office, so stop being down on the USA, GOP to Trump is in office, die economy—die, die…die. 

Only a Sith deals in absolutes. Yeah, there’s your pop culture reference for the day. We’re going to destroy economic prospects and security for families because you don’t like who’s in office. That’s the destruction of our political system right there. If you cannot stomach losing to the point where you want to country to fail you’re not only wrong; you’re not even an American. You’re a traitor. I know—Rush Limbaugh said something similar in 2009. Yeah, and he was wrong too. 

 It’s not a binary choice. It’s not an apocalyptic decision. It’s not the end of our country or our democracy, which is really a constitutional republic. Grow up, Democrats. Seriously, you’re acting like the bratty kid in the grocery store who deserves the belt.   

Trump won in 2016—and he could strike a peace deal between North and South Korea. The economy has grown. Jobs are being created. Wages are growing. We need to end all of that because…Trump could win a second term. Before we all get insane with rage over the stupidity of this view, let’s rejoice for a second. The Left seems to be realizing that Trump is probably going to win in 2020;otherwise they wouldn’t be peddling such trash. I mean, all of their opinions are garbage, but it would be not as insane as this slash and burn logic. So, don’t forget to vote in 2018 and 2020. And also, hope that the economy continues to do well, as it’s projected to do, any realAmerican should. My heavens, we have a man who lit a fire under the U.S. economic machine. How terrible. How terrible it is to have a cheerleader for the country. It almost makes me wonder how much cocaine you need to snort to convince yourself to vote for a Democrat. 

Maher thinks the destruction of millions of American families’ livelihoods is worth the cost of saving our democracy (cough! Republic cough! cough!). I think those who aren’t Democrats think Trump isn’t a threat to the country, and that you can have economic growth with someone who isn’t who you voted for running the show. I know a Democrat will probably win another presidential election in the future. Maybe economic growth will occur in that period. Fine—but just be a cheerleader for America in the process. And no, I still won’t accept that we need to pray for a bad economy to boot someone I don’t like in the Oval Office. 

Trump is probably going to win re-election in 2020, so the Left better just get used to Trump having a second term, a booming economy, and the continuation of the American experiment in individual freedom and liberty. The fact they feel the latter is in jeopardy shows how far off base they are post-2016. There is no dictatorship coming no matter how many hits of LSD you take or how loud you shout into the clouds. Elections will be held. And Trump will eventually have to leave the White House, just not until 2025. 

Sink the economy to save it. Destroy the village to save it. Destroy the economic stability for millions to save the country. This is your Democratic Party. It’s a rambling and paranoid mess.

UPDATE: Even MSNBC said this helps Trump, though host Stephanie Ruhle admits to Trump bashing while she's in the shower. Hey, her words--not mine.

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