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Total Disaster: Democrats Midterm April Fundraising Numbers Are The Worst Since 2006

Well, it seems the Democratic Party’s fundraising slump continues, even as Election Day draws closer. Polling shows that Democratic enthusiasm has stalled, though last Tuesday’s primaries showed the far left dominated, booting the more centrist candidates the establishment backed. While a lot of things should be going for the Democrats, the opposing party in the White House, history favoring the minority party in an off-year election, and the Left’s unhinged hatred for Trump, that intensity hasn’t translated into filling the war chest for the Democratic National Committee. They just had their worst fundraising month (April) in a midterm year since 2006. As of right now, the DNC only has $3.4 million cash on hand compared to the $43.8 million the Republican National Committee has tucked away. 


Raising money has been a serial failure for the DNC—and it’s not just their April numbers. In November of 2017, they fired their top fundraiser after assuring journalists at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast that month that all was well at the DNC; chair Tom Perez even said that. The January numbers were also trash. The depth of their misery they tried to bury in an FEC report during President Trump's first State of the Union. It did not go unnoticed. The committee has been purgedand re-purged of staff in efforts to reboot the committee, while its chair has taken a side job as a professor at Brown University.

While the media stress that there’s divisions within the GOP, and there were, it all ended in December of 2017 when Trump signed the tax reform into law. And even with such divisions, we unite. We know the Democrat is far worse option in an election, especially now. The Tea Party has misgivings about Romney in 2012; he was able to mobilize the base to vote for him. There were definitely similar questions posited to Trump, and yet—90 percent of the party voted for him. Democrats are facing an underreported left wing insurgency that’s picking off their centrist and left-of-center candidates; candidates the DNC thinks can pick off from the GOP come November. They got a brutal awakeninglast Tuesday. The far left wing is ascendant in Democratic Party politics—but there are enough Democrats of the old order who are not willing to cave to the Bernie-ization of the party. Things can an probably will get bloody.


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