Cleaning House: DNC Chair Perez Orders All Staffers To Resign

Posted: Mar 28, 2017 5:30 PM

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez won the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee and supposedly has an ambitious plan for the Democratic Party to make a comeback in future elections. He says he plans to focus on the rural counties, where the Democratic Party has been gutted. For the Democratic Party to expand the election map, score wins, and possibly survive, they need to reclaim the ground lost in areas that went heavily for Trump and the Republicans. To get that done, he’s cleaning house at the DNC, ordering staffers to submit their resignations (via NBC News):

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has launched a major reorganization of the party's organization that has been stung by recent crisis — and the DNC has requested the resignation letters of all current staffers be submitted by next month.

Party staffs typically sees major turnover with a new boss, but the mass resignation letters will give Perez a chance to completely remake the DNC's headquarters from scratch after staffing had already reached unusual low following a round of layoffs in December.

Immediately after Perez' election in late February, a to adviser to outgoing DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile, Leah Daughtry, asked every employee to submit a letter of resignation dated April 15, according to multiple sources familiar with the party's internal working.

NBC News added that the DNC refused to comment for this story.