Another? Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv Isn't The Only One Being Harassed For Going To The Gun Range

Posted: May 01, 2018 8:01 PM

Well, it seems Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv won’t be alone in the harass law-abiding citizens for going to the range trend that’s popping up across the country. Don’t panic; it’s not spreading like the bird flu, but there is a growing number of instances where students are being bullied for exercising their Second Amendment rights. In these cases, the students were off campus, off the school’s clock, and with their families. It’s none of the school’s business. In New Jersey, Katie wrote about two high school students who were reportedly suspended after a family outing to a private gun range. The incident occurred in Lacey Township in Ocean County, near Toms River. 

In Florida, police and the school resource officer for going to a gun range interrogated Kashuv with his father and posting about it on social media. Kashuv said if this is what happens when you go to a gun range, it’s a road to tyranny. The school resource officer and sheriff’s deputy flatly said that Kashuv did nothing wrong, but were apparently triggered by the young conservative and Second Amendment supporter’s outing to the gun range, which is an activity that millions of Americans participate in on a daily basis. It’s absurd. Kashuv is a student at the school, where Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people on February 14, sparking the latest wave in anti-gun activism. And now Ken Bone, yes, that guy who became an overnight sensation during the 2016 debates, tweeted on April 26 that his son was suspended from his school pending a law enforcement investigation last week. Oh, and the picture is two years old (via Fox49):

The man in the red sweater who became an overnight Internet sensation during the 2016 presidential debate has gotten his son into trouble at school.

On Thursday, Ken Bone told KTVI that a picture he tweeted of his son at a shooting range got the 14-year-old suspended from the St. Claire County Regional Office Safe School.

Bone said he shared the two-year-old picture out of sheer innocence, showing his support for Kyle Kashuv, one of the survivors of the Parkland, Florida shooting massacre.

“He was having trouble with security at his school because he had tweeted some pictures of himself with his father at the gun range,” said Bone. “And I wanted to show my support for him, so I tweeted basically the same photo with me and my son.”

But school officials didn’t take that lightly.

“She (the administrator) said that the caption where I said, ‘The security officers should talk to my son,’ she says that was threatening,” he said.

On April 27, his son was cleared to return to school the following Monday, though Bone’s son has been expelled from school and suspended for accidentally bringing a pocket knife in his backpack. Under the zero tolerance ethoses that permeate education, your head gets put on a chopping block for stuff like this, along with chewing Pop Tarts in the shape of guns, confiscating cupcakes with toy soldiers on them, and making a “terrorist threat” with a Hello Kitty bubble gun

This is insane. Ken Bone took his son, as many fathers do—and their daughters as well—to the gun range. There is nothing scary about this. There is nothing scary about law-abiding members owning firearms, shooting them at indoor (or outdoor) ranges, and obtaining concealed carry permits for self-defense. We’re a nation where the gun has played an integral role in our history. It’s here to stay. It’s not going away. And we should be proud of that. We have an amendment that states we have a right to own firearms for self-protection, and most importantly, against an invading force or the actions of a usurpatory government. And liberals wonder why we don’t trust them when they peddle their gun control drivel across the airwaves. 

Not much can be done about the anti-gun Left and their advocacy, but schools can and should get their heads out of their a**es.