Pelosi: Trump's Border Wall Is Too High

Posted: Mar 16, 2018 2:45 PM
Pelosi: Trump's Border Wall Is Too High

We all know Democrats really don’t want the border wall, even though a good chunk of them, including then-Sen. Barack Obama, voted to construct obstacles, specifically fencing, to curb the tide of illegal immigration. Twelve years later, the party has shifted far to the left, where even rudimentary enforcement measures are criticized as either racial profiling or Nazi-like. We’re a nation of borders and laws. We must enforce them. That’s not a hard concept to understand and when scores of families who were victimized by people who weren’t suppose to be here. Democrats often brush off the pain of these families; the end goal is too great. And that is currying the favor of potentially millions of voters.

For years, the border wall was slammed as a waste of money and ineffective, until U.S. Special Forces tried to scale the prototypes of Trumps’ wall and they couldn’t do it. For three weeks, the best of the best of America’s military tried to scale the wall—it was impossible. Some of the prototypes are up to 30 feet high. Even if you were able to scale it, getting down is another issue. Tunneling underneath it is not really a quick option either since wall’s foundation goes several feet into the ground. 

It’s being used as a bargaining chip. Fund that wall in exchange for protections for recipients of the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals program. The programs current iteration is constitutionally questionable, created by an executive order under the Obama White House. Even liberals know DACA, as written now, is on shaky legal ground. It’s not a bad deal; even The Washington Post said Democrats should take it. They didn’t—and even now Congress is still struggling to reach an agreement on immigration. Yet, for the wall itself, there’s a new criticism from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: it’s too high. She made these remarks on Thursday (via Free Beacon):

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) on Thursday doubted the wisdom of President Donald Trump's border wall prototypes, questioning why in a "civilized society," such a "high," "obnoxious" wall was necessary.


"First of all, I think the border– did you see it? How high it is … I mean, really? In a civilized society, we do something like that. As obnoxious as it is– You know, that's a community there with a border running through it. Okay, we have a difference of opinion that, but a wall that big separating people? I mean really?" Pelosi said.

Yes, Nancy—walls keep people out, especially serious prototypes like the ones the Trump administration is testing. It’s too high? So, you’re admitting that walls work—and you really want illegals to pour across the border. On the latter part, that seems to capture the essence of the Democratic Party’s position on the issue.