Watch: The View’s McCain Trips Up Dem Senator With Question About Hillary Shielding Sexual Harasser

Posted: Jan 30, 2018 2:20 PM

She’s received flak before for not being a Trump supporter, while other incidents have just been flat out mean. Meghan McCain is deep in enemy territory with her co-host gig at The View, but she made sure that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), who is said to be mulling a 2020 presidential run, had no room for comfort. She straight up avoided answering a question about Hillary Clinton’s response to a The New York Times story that she shielded a sexual harasser from being fired from her 2008 campaign. She retained him, docked him some salary, and said he had to seek treatment. The woman was reassigned. Hillary later said she called the woman and thanked her for coming forward with her story about her harassment from the man she refused to fire. The former first lady then gave a shout out "to all the activist bitches supporting bitches.” 

McCain asked the New York Democrat about this development, and Gillibrand launched countermeasures (relevant clip starts at 5:00-minute mark) 

MEGHAN MCCAIN: I just want to move on because there are some inconvenient truths on both sides. Reportedly Hillary Clinton is under fire for covering up for a top adviser who was accused of a sexual harassment back in 2007. She docked his pay and made him seek counseling, but allowed him to stay on and women claim his harassment continued. You’re a longtime supporter of the Clintons and consider her a mentor. Do you think her response this weekend was appropriate?

SEN. KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND: As you know, I think these things have to be dealt with whether you're a Democrat, whether you’re a Republican. You need transparency and accountability and no one is above criticism. But in that case, I don't know all the details. I don't know if the punishment she chose was right punishment, but what it does bring us to talk about is this issue of workplace harassment. The fact that too many women in the workplace across all sectors, across all industries are being harassed today and there is no accountability and we have had this Me Too movement and moment that’s so powerful because it's given space for women no matter where you are or who you are to speak out and tell your story. But the real test is when we can make sure that a woman who cannot come forward because her boss isn't famous or some powerful industry leader and she just works in an office or on a farm or in a hotel or at a restaurant, she needs to be able to come forward and speak truth to power as well.

McCain then pressed her on why it took her 20 years to do a 180-degree turn on Bill Clinton concerning whether he should have resigned for his allegations of sexual misconduct, which include rape. The feminist Left leaped to Slick Willy’s defense, firmly entrenching the ‘he’s a liberal Democrat, so it’s okay’ defense. Gillibrand said there were certain conversations and lenses from which we look at these issues that we didn’t have, but now we’re having it. Yeah, it could be that—or it could be the base is changing, the enabling of rape culture due to political affiliation is no longer tenable, and you need to do a shift in order to make yourself more of a palatable candidate for president in two years. I think it’s the latter.  

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