Dershowitz: My Liberal Friends Say My Trump Defenses Are 100 Percent Right, But I Should Also Shut The F**k Up

Posted: Dec 27, 2017 5:07 PM

Politico wrote about a few top media and political figures and how they dealt with being mentioned by President Trump on Twitter. For one Hillary Clinton supporter, liberal Democrat Alan Dershowitz says his family has seen better days. Dershowitz, a lawyer, is seen regularly on CNN, Fox News, and other outlets defending some of President Trump's decision, arguing there is no grounds for an obstruction of justice charge after he fired FBI Director James Comey earlier this year. While hoping that former Vice President Joe Biden challenges Trump in 2020, the liberal lawyer has said he’s lost several pounds this year, thanks to friends not inviting him to dinner anymore. He said his closest friends have told him that he’s 100 percent right in his arguments defending Trump's decision to fire Comey, but added that he should also shut the f**k up. In all, Dershowitz says he’s merely defending the principles of the Constitution, not Trump—though that’s fallen on deaf ears from his liberal colleagues.

Dershowitz told the publication the hate mail he’s received centers on people accusing him of defending Trump because of Jerusalem, money, wanting to be on the Supreme Court, or yearning to be the president's lawyer. Dershowitz says all of the above is false. Besides already being successful, he’s 79-years-old, which pretty much counts him out for a SCOTUS nomination. He also has no interest in becoming Trump’s lawyer either (via Politico):

For Dershowitz, a former liberal standard-bearer and Harvard Law School professor, Trump plugging his TV hits and legal opinions has caused family rifts and social awkwardness. “It’s caused me to lose seven pounds,” Dershowitz said. “My liberal friends don’t invite me to dinner anymore.”


“My really, really close friends say, ‘You’re 100 percent right in your analysis, but can’t you just shut the f–k up and not talk at all,’” he said. “They tell me, ‘This is a time for selective silence.’ My nephew thinks I’m helping keep in office one of the greatest dangers in American history. I tell him I’m just standing up for principle. He tells me that I don’t have to stand up so loud.”


If the president’s Twitter accolades have been a problem for Dershowitz’s social and family life, it has had its professional upsides. “I think my view has had an impact,” he said. “I think I’ve changed the debate on the subject of obstruction of justice. I’m happy with the role I’m playing. I don’t get pleasure out of being praised by the president, but it’s not going to stop me from doing what I do.”

Overall, he said, his family is suffering more than he is. “I was a source of pride to my kids, my grandkids,” he said. “Now it’s ‘Oy, he’s related to Alan Dershowitz.’ That hurts me a little bit.”

Dershowitz is a good example of die-hard liberals who voted for Hillary, know she lost, and have moved on as a result. He has the added bonus of calling out his own side to overreaching on legal issues in the hopes of impeaching Donald Trump. Yeah, in liberal circles, that could cost you friendships, but Dershowitz seems quite content that’s in the right on this issue. 

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