Morning Joe: Democrats Have Nothing That Voters Can Rally Around

Posted: Sep 18, 2017 4:00 PM

MSNBC’s Morning Joe was at it again, tearing into Democrats for being a party incapable of learning from their mistakes. With Hillary Clinton’s new book What Happened, the 2016 wounds are being re-opened and re-salted, the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton wings are going at it again, and we’re going to re-litigate 2016. Hillary Clinton has been on a rampage, blaming the usual suspects for screwing her over last year. But remember—she takes full responsibility, or something. It’s pathetic. The lady simply does not get it that voters don’t like her, trust her, or think she’s authentic. Now, she’s the woman who simply didn’t know when to quit. She's using her book as a vehicle to deliver revenge against those who she feels did her wrong.

It’s especially pointed at Sanders and former FBI Director James Comey. Both men didn’t tell her to avoid campaigning in the Rust Belt, but I digress. In this morning’s episode of Morning Joe on MSNBC, co-host Mika Brzezinski noted how Sanders could have viciously gone after Clinton over her paid speeches to Wall Street, certainly taking a moral high ground on that issue. She felt he was reserved. Joe Scarborough looped The Washington Post’s David Ignatius into the conversation. The MSNBC host then ripped into the Democratic Party for having an agenda that no one cares about, or feels drawn to, post-2016:

It seems to me for the Democratic Party the—tragedy is too strong of a word—but the missed opportunity here. It’s a fact that the Democratic still, after losing 1,000 state legislative seats over the past eight years, after losing a dozen or so Senate seats, a dozen or so governorships, being at its lowest point since 1920 with governorships; I can go on and on. Losing 62-64 House seats and get the lowest state that they’ve been in since 1928. They still don’t have a governing philosophy; they still don’t have idea that people can grab hold to. 

The polling proves this and it’s coming from Democratic operatives, who are telling their clients to avoid talking about free tuition, as it stokes resentment for those already saddled with debt and suspicion about the whole “free” part. These folks are telling Democrats to focus on making college more affordable and having ways to reduce the debt. Oh, and it’s not just that Medicare-for-All is met with skepticism as well, with minimum wage hikes also falling flat with voters. Every Democratic attack against Trump has failed. He’s Teflon. 

Voters like his business background, they like he’s an outside shaking things up, they credit him with the improving economy, and they’re still giving him the benefit of the doubt. No one cares about his exaggerations in speeches. 

Now, instead of going back to the drawing boards, the Democratic Party is gearing itself up for all-out civil war over health care, as Bernie’s single-payer push is looking very much like a litmus test for Democrats. Not everyone is onboard. I don’t think it’s a question about the GOP being more popular; they’re not. It’s that Democrats are just insufferable in every way imaginable. Trump has reached out to them on immigration and the debt ceiling. His supporters are fine with it. For the Democrats, not so much. 

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