MSNBC: It’s Too Soon For Trump To Visit Texas; He Could Hurt Rescue Efforts

Posted: Aug 29, 2017 1:15 PM

Well, MSNBC is sure working hard to keep the progressive blood pressures from spiking. As the nation deals with the horrific storm battering the Houston-area, some have decided to take swipes at President Trump and Republicans as residents fight for their lives against torrential rain and high winds from Hurricane Harvey. The major hurricane has dumped around 11 trillion gallons of rainwater, causing horrific flooding. Eight people have died as a result.

Last week, as the storm was approaching landfall, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle decided to ask Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott if he would use the storm to find and deport illegal aliens who would happen to venture into evacuation shelters because that was totally on his mind. Abbott politely said law enforcement and first responders are focused on saving lives. Now, President Trump plans to visit the disaster-stricken area, but the media is now bashing that decision, saying it’s too soon and it could impact rescue efforts. MSNBC’s Katy Tur and Peter Alexander discussed this yesterday, though Alexander didn’t offer any comment on the federal response thus far, saying it’s too early. But he did quote former Obama officials, who also agree in spirit with Trump’s decision, though also say it’s too early (via Newsbusters) [emphasis mine]:

KATY TUR: He's going to Texas tomorrow and there's real concern that his going there is going to have to divert at least a little bit, some resources away from the rescue effort and toward him.

PETER ALEXANDER: Yeah. I think it's premature to make any judgments about how the federal response has been to this hurricane and there's still torrential rains that are falling in large parts, large swaths of Texas and in Louisiana, which is the very point that a lot of people are making today as the President prepares to head, as we understand it from White House officials, likely to Corpus Christi, Texas, with his first stop tomorrow morning, Corpus Christi where the hurricane hit. Governor Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas saying the intention is that the president wouldn’t go to Houston where the emergency responses still so active, where the evacuations are still taking place. The President insisting that he wants to go down there. White House officials really view this as a moment to demonstrate their support for the people of Texas. But obviously as you note, it takes resources for a presidential trip like this. And some of the president Obama's old aides say they support the idea that the President would go down there, but this is simply too soon, Katy.

This once again proves Trump’s point about the media. They either misreport what he says, or just slam him regardless of what he does. If this were Obama, the media would be delivering reports of adoration, courage, decisiveness, and how his White House is on the move. With a Republican president, it’s “stay the hell away” from here; you’ll only screw over rescue efforts. And if Trump listens and waits—these clowns will be reporting why did he take so long to get down to Texas.