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ICYMI: MSNBC Host Asks Texas Gov. If He’s Going To Use Hurricane As Cover To Ensnare Illegal Aliens

Texas is suffering the brunt of a major hurricane, but MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle just had to ask Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott if he was going to use the storm as a means to deport more illegal aliens who venture into relief centers. At the time, Hurricane Harvey was barreling towards the state, gaining strength as it approached the state’s Gulf Coast. Honestly, one would think that the governor would have more pressing matters than immigration enforcement, but Texas is a deep red state, liberals don’t like it very much, Republicans are anti-immigrant (or so the Left says), and so this just had to be asked. Why? It’s because that’s how MSNBC does business. If they didn’t keep liberal blood pressures at semi-normal levels, they wouldn’t be doing their jobs (via Newsbusters):


STEPHANIE RUHLE: How about risk of deportation for those undocumented immigrants that could be in the way of the storm’s path? Are they in the clear to go to some of these evacuation centers? Do they have to show ID?

GREG ABBOTT: It’s my understanding from what I saw from the Border Patrol instructions yesterday that will not be an issue. What everyone is focused on right now is ensuring that we do all we can to protect life. We all have a high regard for life. We want to ensure the safety of all lives and we’re prepared to take all measures to do so.

Yet, there’s plenty of room for outrage. The American Civil Liberties Union is appalled that the Border Patrol will…keep doing their jobs and enforce federal immigration laws during the storm by keeping the checkpoints open. Yeah, liberals—when a storm is coming, you don’t just stop enforcing law, or at least you shouldn't.  


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