No Don Lemon, We're Not Complicit In Racism Because We Support Trump

Posted: Aug 17, 2017 2:11 PM

Well, CNN’s Don Lemon could not take it anymore. After the fiery presser on Tuesday, where the president blamed both sides for political violence, Lemon blew his top, saying that we’ve known Donald Trump for a long time concerning the events surrounding housing discrimination, the Central Park Five, and the birther conspiracy peddling in New York. He said, on the latter part, that it had to do with the fact that Barack Obama was a black president.

The CNN host also voiced his disbelief at black Americans and Jewish people who defend the president’s remarks. The Daily Caller clipped the tirade:

Let me be plainly clear, anyone who is in that White House and is supporting him [Trump] is complicit in their racism as well,” Lemon said on “New Day.” He also accused Trump of stirring up racial animus and being openly hostile to former President Barack Obama.

“We know now why he’s so upset. For those of you who did know, so obsessed with Barack Obama. Barack Obama was a black president. Maybe he didn’t think Barack Obama was fit to be in office. He traded on racial animus and racial BS and he’s been doing it for decades, and we are going to sit here and pretend that we’re surprised,” Lemon said.

What happened over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia was disgusting. White nationalists supposedly descending into the city to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue skirmished with the far left Antifa movement. People were sent to the hospital. One person was killed when a white nationalist crashed his car into counter demonstrators. That is what makes this different. There is no doubt that Antifa and white nationalists are both violent, bullying thugs, but an Antifa member did not kill anyone on Saturday; a white nationalist did. That changes the whole discussion. In general, you cannot have a discussion about violent political rhetoric without mentioning and condemning Antifa. Yet, this is a specific issue and a white nationalist killed a woman. I get what Donald Trump was trying to say, he just did a piss-poor job of saying it, or maybe he should have just condemned the white nationalists and waited for another day to condemn Antifa; we all know there will be a day where this left wing group will solely be responsible for engaging in violence. Right now, the White House has fallen into the trap that the media was hoping to ensnare them in.

Donald Trump was not my first choice for president. I wrote many posts against him during the GOP primaries. Yet, when it came down to it. He was the man that ended up on top. He was the nominee for the Republican Party. He won it fair and square. And now it was all about defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton. Period. The debate was over because the primaries were over. The other people lost. The Never Trump wing had no strategy to stop Trump, nor did they have a candidate. Yet, I voted for him on Election Day. I’m not a racist. I don’t think Donald Trump is a racist. He’s not anti-Semitic. He’s not the devil. He’s not Hitler—and he’s not evil. I also know many people who voted for Trump who are not any of the things the liberal media thinks they know about us. They’re wrong about everything. If there’s any indication that the media and the liberals who infest its newsrooms have learned nothing from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, this is a prime example. Lemon just called us all deplorable again. Frankly, all of this Trump is a despicable human being nonsense stems from people who still can't get over the fact that Clinton was too weak to seal the deal last year. 

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