Insanity: No, Dana Loesch Didn't Say What You Thought She Said About The NYT

Posted: Aug 05, 2017 3:00 PM

So, how was your Friday? For the vast majority of people, it was fine. They got off work, went to the bar for drinks with friends, took their families to the beach for vacation, or did a million other things that don’t involve social media. That was a good thing because it was a descent into madness. NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch spent most of the day defending the use of the word “fisk” when it comes to debunking claims in stories from the liberal press. It was part of her video that torched The New York Times in April that was re-released yesterday. Yet, some on the Left thought she said something else relating to a sexual act, which led to downright insanity.

[The non-controversial part that set Twitter aflame is mentioned around the 3:25 mark]

I’ll let Dana explain what happened since she pretty much sums it up with her Facebook post on the matter:

Ask me again why I loathe certain media outlets.

The NYT doesn't know that the word "fisk" is a common, casual term for thoroughly debunking something. I used it in my NYT ad for the NRA and perfectly enunciated it (Hi! I'm an award-winning broadcaster who also does voiceover work!) with emphasis on purpose. Because the NYT (and other media) are unfamiliar with this common, casual term that has been around for some time, one NYT reporter projected his perverted fantasies onto me and claimed I said "fist." Like sheep, other anti-gun media ran with it and their sheep followed. Even though I've never mentioned anyone "arming" themselves or even mentioned guns at all in my ads, I know have leftists telling me they're going to shoot me, rape me, kill me in some slow, torturous way as a protest against their claim that *my* ads were "violent."

This is the unreal society in which we live and why I have loathed the media for so, so long. They're mad that November didn't go their way and are taking it out on everyone else. I didn't "threaten" the NYT -- I promised that I and others at the NRA would fact-check them, thus my use of the word fisk. It's ridiculously obvious but the media has to discredit the word I use so they can commence with narrative building about a "threat."

Hit the cc icon in the lower right for captioning and watch the word I included (and have used before, so has Dave Weigel), which most certainly wasn't "fist."

Also -- just because "Clenched fist of truth" is in the hashtag, that doesn't mean fisk = fist. "Clenched fist of truth" is the TITLE OF THE SERIES of ads.

I demand an apology from NYT's Adam Goldman, HuffPo's Yashar Ali, and WaPo's Dave Weigel, the three reporters who have decided to get even with my criticism of their respective employers by purposefully misrepresenting and falsely sexualizing my ad thereby causing a torrent of threats and vileness.

For those of your wondering, the “clenched fist of truth” was a phrase that also triggered liberals in another video where Loesch ripped the Left for adopting violence as part of their political activism. That’s hardly controversial. In fact, she said anyone who does this is nothing more than a coward and an idiot. What the Left heard was a defense of white supremacy, a call for civil war, and maybe the NRA telling people to shoot liberals, with the latter claim made by a U.S. Senator. That was in June. It seems both incidents show that liberals now have audio issues to go along with their cognitive malfunctions.

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Kurt Schlichter

To recap, the video was originally released in April to no controversy; Loesch said “fisk,” not “fist” in said video; there were no sexual overtones whatsoever; and liberals are still dumb. Hope you’re Friday was much better? Also, as Ed noted, the word “fisk” is quite common with bloggers. Still, the damage was done and a lot of hate was thrown Loesch's way [language warning].