Fox News's Gutfeld Torches de Blasio Over Germany Trip, 'What a Horrible, Little Man Child'

Posted: Jul 10, 2017 7:00 AM

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio absconded to Germany to join the G20 protests last week. It comes days after NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia was shot and killed while sitting in a RV-styled command post. The murderer, Alexander Bonds, was shot and killed by other officers. Reportedly, the Germans paid for the trip, but de Blasio didn’t tell anyone about it.

“What a horrible, little man child this is to sneak out the city. He leaves his city, his responsibilities to go protests; he’s such a dirt bag,” said Gutfeld. “Please someone challenge De Blasio. If something bad happens here, we don’t have a mayor.”

The mayor said this trip was booked over a week in advance, and that as the mayor of the nation’s biggest city he had an obligation to represent the country different than the president. Now, in liberal land, this would be considered a Logan Act violation if de Blasio was a Republican. De Blasio skipping town also meant he was forced to miss the swearing in of 524 new NYPD officers (via Fox News):

De Blasio appeared on the "Ask the Mayor" segment on WNYC's "The Brian Lehrer Show" Friday, calling in from Hamburg. The mayor departed Thursday evening to attend protest events, keeping hush about his plans until hours before he left.

De Blasio told Lehrer the government of Hamburg invited him to come about 10 to 12 days ago and he was going to announce the trip earlier this week.


The mayor's abrupt departure for Germany left him skipping a swearing-in ceremony for 524 new NYPD recruits. It also came soon after NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia was shot in the head and killed while sitting in her police vehicle in the Bronx. De Blasio said he decided to take the trip once he knew it wouldn't coincide with the funeral service.

"Obviously I did not want to do anything until we knew when the services would be," he said. "Her services will be early next week so then that's when it was finally time to announce I was going to accept this invitation."


"As the city mourns, its leader flees," said Ed Mullins, the head of NYPD sergeants union. "And then he wonders why he has a problem with the police. A real leader stays with the city in this time of hardship."

It’s obvious de Blasio has plans for higher office, and he probably knows that the mayor of New York City plays zero roles in geopolitics. In the meantime, we have another reason to dislike this insufferable public official. Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican running against de Blasio, tweeted this to comment on the mayor's German outing. It's quite fitting.