Obama To Media: You Hold Us Accountable And The Country Needs You

Posted: Jan 19, 2017 7:30 AM

As President Obama gave his final press conference, he said he enjoyed working with the press and said that they’re needed to hold politicians, like him, accountable. They shouldn’t be sycophantic, but skeptical. My question is who is this person and what has he done with President Obama. Either a pod person attended this conference, or the president was struck with a terrible case of amnesia. What in God’s name is he talking about?

Via The Hill:

"You’re not supposed to be sycophants, you’re supposed to be skeptics. You’re supposed to ask me tough questions. You're not supposed to be complimentary. You are supposed to cast a critical eye on folks who hold enormous power and make sure we are accountable to the people who sent us here," Obama said during the final press conference of his presidency.


“America needs you and the country needs you," Obama said of the press.

My hope is that you will continue with the same tenacity you showed us to get to the bottom of stories. Having you in this building ... keeps us honest."

Cortney mentioned this earlier yesterday, but you’ve got to be kidding me. Now, that he’s leaving President Obama beckons the press to be rabid dogs of accountability when President-elect Trump assumes the presidency. How convenient, huh? This is a man who by all means escaped the fury of the press. This is a man who was beloved by the press. There are too many stories to list, but all one has to do is head over to the Media Research Center’s Newsbusters division, where they noted many times how the media was pretty much Obama’s not so hidden mistress.

As for accountability, one would think that reports of problems with the president’s signature domestic achievement, Obamacare, would usher in substantial coverage from the networks. Nope. They ignored it here, here, here, and here. Also, we know that 60 Minutes really didn’t ask the tough questions of the president either. Shocker; I know!

The lack of self-awareness here is typical of liberal Democrats. Funny how freedom of association and the press holding politicians accountable are now going to be at the forefront with the incoming Trump White House after an eight-year vacation during the Obama years. It was expected, but interesting to see liberal reactions—as always.

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