CNN: Hey, Who Takes Over If Trump Dies Tomorrow?

Posted: Jan 19, 2017 3:30 PM
CNN: Hey, Who Takes Over If Trump Dies Tomorrow?

With President-elect Trump set to take the oath of office tomorrow, CNN decided to run a “what if Trump is assassinated” segment yesterday, noting that an Obama official would be the one to take the reins of power should the entire top-level of the presidential line of succession be wiped out in a possible attack.

The network noted that if the president and vice president-elect, along with the speaker of the house and president pro tempore, are killed, the line of succession drifts to the cabinet, starting with the secretary of state. Yet, Trump won’t have his cabinet confirmed by then, leaving Under Secretary for Political Affairs Tom Shannon in line to take Secretary of State John Kerry’s place once he’s out of a job come noon tomorrow. In fact, all of Obama cabinet secretaries will be out of a job by then as well.

Again, this is not likely to happen. The Secret Service said there’s no specific threat facing Trump’s inauguration. Were there ever segments done about what if Obama dies during his 2009 and 2013 inaugurations from the news media?

So, with reality upon the Left and their allies in America’s newsrooms, they know they can’t stop Trump. They know he won, though they might not like to admit it. With nothing left to do but accept defeat, they’re now pondering what if he dies tomorrow, citing that such a horrific scenario has formed the basis the ABC series Designated Survivor starring Kiefer Sutherland. Yeah, it's still disgusting to think about, especially since there's like a zero percent chance of such a horrific event happening tomorrow. 

The Left, the Wall, the Truth
Dennis Prager

 This segment was unseemly (no, it was actually absurd), though I’m sure anti-Trump protesters loved it. Also, it's time to play that game again: what if Fox News (or any news outlet for that matter) did a segment like this during Obama's presidency?

(H/T Warner Todd Huston and Jim Treacher)