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American lawyer (and staunch liberal) Alan Dershowitz is not happy with President Obama’s foreign policy, especially in the wake of his administration’s latest decision to not veto a UN resolution that not only condemned Israeli settlements, but also stated that the Western Wall is in an occupied territory. Dershowitz also said that the Obama White House is going to play dumb, saying that they didn’t mean for the resolution to take that meaning.

“Well, read the resolution; you’re a lawyer. You went to Harvard Law School,” said Dershowitz. He later said that while he supports Obama’s domestic agenda, his foreign policy is a disaster. He declared that Obama will go down as one of the worst presidents on this subject in our history, and that he stabbed Israel in the back with this UN resolution (via Fox News):

Many [liberal Democrats] like me who support his domestic policy think he was an appalling... president when it came to foreign policy," Dershowitz said.

He said the president once invited him to the White House and asked personally for his support, promising that he would "always have Israel's back."

"I didn't realize what [Obama] meant is that he would have their back to stab them."

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